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19th May 2011, 09:44 AM
hey man,

Just hoping to get some word on that big fish, the Rio XL. Someone, somewhere must have used this board???

How about the folks who developed and tested the long Rio?

It would be good to hear a few words!

27th May 2011, 09:42 AM
Anyone out there? Anyone at all? Someone, somewhere, must have sailed this board. I don't think aliens dropped it off on our planet. Well maybe they did on second thought!

27th May 2011, 04:39 PM
as the literature says:
This makes Rio XL the ideal choice for schools that base their methods on classic gliding speed from the start. First-time windsurfers get gliding right away, and at the same time they'll get hooked to the sensation. This is not a board for planing, but a dedicated entry level board.
Maybe not too many students reading this forum
However, Roger may have a few words or experience, non ??


28th May 2011, 09:11 PM
I try not to discuss boards that I have no experience with.
I've read all there is on the new Rio XL and there are a couple of things I'm afraid I do
not think will make it the universal "SUP"/Beginner Windsurfing board as advertised.
With "flat rocker" it may glide well as a SUP, but how well will it rail steer when used as
a sailboard.
It's pretty narrow (@ 82.5 cm) compared to a Start, so 1st time beginners are going to have
a challenge with getting balanced just like the old style longboards.
I could be very wrong here, but I have a very good success rate with absolute beginners (95% are sailing across the wind, on their own, not getting downwinded in < 20 minutes) the wide '02 &'03 Starts for the students very first time on the water.
After their first 20 minutes, most can transition to a Rio (less wide) as they will have picked up the balance on the Start. Many of them never fall in the water on their first lesson.
So, I really cannot tell you anything about the Rio XL beyond that it's going to be a compromise between
being a good SUP board (with a sail) and a beginner windsurfing board.How good this compromise is, I cannot tell you as I've never sailed the Rio XL.