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23rd May 2011, 08:04 PM
On another forum a fellow was asking whether he was okay to get back into the sport with an 85 cm board with a centreboard - used to be called a longboard :-)
He is also a heavyweight at 250 pounds and will be going a small lake and a larger lake.
The Fanatic Viper that was suggested to him was also 220 liters.
In terms of SB - what would be recommended ?
I thought perhaps the `GO windsurfer` ? available in North America ??

thx for listening

24th May 2011, 04:25 AM
Hi Joe,
Looking at the specifications for the GO Windsurfer, Rio Large, and Phantom 320, I'd suggest that for a 250 Lb. (113 Kg./13.8 Stone) sailor, the Go Windsurfer does not have the optimum volume for a large
sailor on fresh water.
I'd rank the Starboard offerings above:
1st/ Phantom 320 (Best Glide shape and volume to be similar to an old style longboard.
2nd/ Rio Large (Better Glide shape and volume (for a heavyweight sailor) than the GO Windsurfer.
3rd/ GO Windsurfer not as good for glide and marginal volume for a heavyweight sailor.
If his conditions were such that he was fully planing all the time, then the GO Windsurfer would look a
bit better.
Which of these is available in NA is a question for a Starboard dealer.
The Fanatic Viper would be OK also, but not as much Glide as the Phantom 320.

24th May 2011, 05:50 AM
thanx a million Roger
I have forwarded this information to Mike of NH
i suggested he start with a 7.0 sail - due to his size
the shop was saying 6.0, but i find that small for a big fellow

any brands suggested for the Phantom longboard?
i rig my MS Pursuit 8.5 loose on my old BIC, but have read there are brands that cater to longboard sailors

thx again