View Full Version : How can i tell if my board has water in it?

6th June 2011, 05:32 AM
Hi, I have just been given a 75litre 2004 acid. It weighs about 900gms more than what your website says it should. I just need to know if the weights given on the website include footstraps and deck pads, and also how much these straps and pads weigh.

Can anybody tell me? Thanks, Ben

6th June 2011, 01:54 PM
Hi Ben,
The board weights on the website are the bare board with the deck pads.
The footstraps could weigh perhaps 900 gm.
Best way to test for water in the board is to remove the vent plug, put the board out in the sun to
let it heat up, and see what shows up at the bottom of the vent plug hole.
If you find water, then your board has taken on some water.
If it stays dry, the vent plug has been sealed correctly.
You can work the water out of the board pretty easily if you are willing to spend a few days at it.
Put the board out in the sun with the vent plug out.
As the day starts to cool off in the afternoon/evening, replace the vent plug.
Do the same thing for several days in a row.
The thermal expansion of the foam core will work the water out.
If you find a significant amount of water at the bottom of the vent hole, use paper
toweling as a "wick" to suck up as much water as possible when the vent is open and the
board has warmed up.
Hope this helps,

7th June 2011, 04:23 AM
Thanks Roger, that is just the info I need.