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9th June 2011, 01:27 AM
(posting here because my antivirus detected threat at Roger's Start Windsurfing; won't let me post.)
Have 2010 GO 155 with 6.0 rig. Learning (again). Practiced with 3.3.
Light winds (10-15kts); up to 20kts sustained at times; minimal chop; rider weight 150lb;
1. What's smallest rig to learn on that will still plane in high winds later (catalogue says range for GO 155 is 5.0-10.5msquared.) Would a 4.7 still in the ball park?
2. Have Starbd SUPer 12'6" windsurf compatible; how will the 6.0 respond on it in above conditions; how about a 4.7?

9th June 2011, 11:37 AM
Hi SouthernCA,
Can you identify the issue with the Start Windsurfing Forum for us?
If you are in the USA (That would be SoCalifornia I guess) send me an email and we can discuss why
the Start Windsurfing Forum is not working.
A 150 lb. sailor can plane quite nicely on the GO 155 with a 4.7 m2 rig, but it will take 20 knots + windspeed.
A better (and much lighter) rig would be a 5.0 m2 Retro.
Your 4.7m2 is probably a wave sail and wave masts are usually pretty heavy.
Better to get a std. dia mast with a Retro or other powerful freeride sail.
You can sail your *bd SUP with either a 6.0 or 4.7. It probably won't plane real
easily, but you can certainly sail with these sails if you have enough wind.

9th June 2011, 04:24 PM
roger, i also had some problems getting into your forum from my work computer. a couple of times i got a virus detection warning, [ while being able to get into the other main forums on this site ] and now i can't access the entire website from work at all.

i can at home here, so the work computer i guess has a much higher level of detection....