View Full Version : Deb R12 63 on ISonic 155

18th February 2007, 08:57 PM
I'm looking for a second fin for my Isonic 155 to use in light wind with 10m?? RSS (or more)
I have the oportunity to get (second hand) a Deboichet R12 63 cm (don't know its stiffness).
I don't know the R12 which seems to be no more sold the Deboichet web site doesn't mention it.
According to your experience ist a good combo and which stiffness is the more relevant for me (1.75 90kg).

mark h
19th February 2007, 06:33 AM
Hi Jerome
Soz, not the team here. I'v tried/had a few Deb formula fins, all great fins, but I'v switched to C3's now (got a 2nd hand quiver real cheap). I'm no expert so other formula WS could disagree on how I think the R12 felt. The R12 is a light to medium wind formula fin. Its geared more towards free feeling than outright power (R13 does the power thing). It has lots of lift with speed. The OFO tail width on the iS155 is 66.8cm so should be good as max size fin with 10m plus sails, especially if its cheap. The R12 could/should prove to be good. Would be interesting to here how it goes.


20th February 2007, 03:11 AM
Hi Jerome,

I have a fin like this in medium and it was my favorite one on the Formula 147 for light wind slalom with 10m. So must be really good also on the iSonic 155. This fin give you and excellent lift and speed.

All the best