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14th June 2011, 07:45 PM
I ask you to help with the setup with my iSonic 127.
In light/medium winds load on the legs is very unbalanced at the rear and the front tends to get out of the strap. I have to keep excessive twisting of the body. In stronger wind but the load on the legs becomes more balanced.

- 1.90 am tall and weighing 86 kg.
- 8.6 mq sail racing (AC1 Point7 2K11)
- Fin R16 Deboichet 50cm
- harness adjustable 28/34

Here are the steps done:

Strep rear: front hole
Strep front: center hole
Track: central
Boom: between shoulder and chin

Track: 1.5 cm forward

Boom: shoulders

Strep front: front hole
Track: Central

With this last setup has improved but the feeling not 100%

Let me know

Best regards


14th June 2011, 09:31 PM

I have an '08 iS 111, but since it is different than your 127, so I won't suggest a set up, but I think your problem isn't with the set up.

When sailing my iS, almost all my weight is on the back foot with the toes of my front foot curled up to keep it in the strap on a beam reach or upwind. Off the wind, there is a little more weight on the front foot, but not much.

I think this is the nature of the iSonic, with a wide tail and sizable fin. Lots of power at the back of the board. Hanging in the harness keeps the control on the front of the board.

In light, just planing winds, weight on the booms from sitting in the harness (or pulling down with your arms) keeps the board flat and on plane longer. Weight on the front foot in light winds sinks the windward rail and sends you upwind or off plane.

The iS boards feel and sail a bit different than freeride or freerace boards and take some getting use to.

15th June 2011, 12:54 PM
Hi Viga,

I have an almost identical setup to you (AC-1 2K11 8.6m, i127, R16 48-50cm fins, NP 28-34" harness lines). I am 185cm and 84kg so similar dimensions to you also.

I am running all my straps in the BACK holes. My boom height I am changing for differing wind strengths but generally it is around shoulder in stronger winds and chin in lighter winds. Mast track generally in the centre all the time.

The board should feel super free and very balanced on your feet, but certainly a different feeling to a Futura/Carve etc. I wonder whether its something other than the board? Are you using the C-100 490cm mast in the 8.6m? Make sure there is good batten tension on the bottom 4 battens on the 2K11 and that you don't overdownhaul the sail more than specs as this is killing it a little.

Do you have your harness lines out to 34" or pulled in a bit? And seat or waist harness???

15th June 2011, 05:49 PM
Hi Sean,
answer your questions:

1) use a C-100 490cm;
2) the sail is trimmed by Andrea Cucchi. Good tension on the bottom 4 battens, downnhaul only do up to stretch the luff pocket.
3) use a seat harness and the lines are shortened to 28.

This weekend I will try to back the straps ..... seems to be the only thing
different from your setup.


Marko CRO169
16th June 2011, 02:42 PM

I ride iS127 and NP RS:R 8,6 as well, I use Deb R16SL 50 & Tectonics Talon 48 with this combo, and must admit that I also find the board somewhat sticky on the water, I feel I cannot make it fly loose ... my current trim is: both straps in the back hole and mast track in the middle ... I saw some guys moving the back strap forward ...


18th June 2011, 02:38 PM
I've sailed the I127 last weekend (rental) en to be honest, I didn't like it. Somewhat sticky indeed and the strange feeling of being too big for a slalom, gybing not too well. I think the high end isnt great compared to other isonics.

19th June 2011, 08:16 PM

Should be fine if Andrea's tuned you up. Strange that you are getting this back-leg problem on the board; can't think exactly what it would be... did you try your straps all the way back?

Do you have a friend who's got a 48cm fin (even if it isn't a Deb). Was trying my 127 again on the 50 vs 48 and I notice the trim is quite a bit looser with the 48. I think the bigger fins generate a bit more vertical lift under the tail so they actually push the nose down on the board a little bit more than the smaller fin. I actually don't get any better early planing with the 50 instead of the 48 at my weight (84kg) however it's quicker with the 50cm if I'm doing a tight reach and need to point so I generally use the 50cm in light wind racing (48 is fine for me for cruising etc).

I see a few of you guys are commenting on the flat ride characteristic of this board? This board doesn't really 'fly' like a 107 or something smaller does. It does sail quite flat in comparison but I actually think that's what makes it fast. The board rails easily with a variety of fins but it doesn't give the impression its railing a lot and the nose keeps quite flat so maybe this is what everyone is noticing? Remember, its a light wind board designed for early planing (even for big guys like Bjorn!).I think it's fast like this and in comparison to the 2010 i131 for sure this board is looser. If you get to take it out in stronger winds (+15, +20 knots etc) it has incredible control because the nose keeps quite flat. I thought the gybing on this board is excellent for its tail size with the new harder rails in the tail, no?

@ Kvda, the top-end speed won't be great compared to smaller iSonics, that's for sure. Extra width = drag. But I think in comparison to previous generation iSonics (and other brands) in similar sizes the speed is very good. Most of us on the team chose this over the 117w as a lightwind board as I think its more versatile in a wider range of conditions.

Let us know how its going Viga....... are you sailing on Garda??

20th June 2011, 08:16 AM
Hi Viga

I will add also that G10 fins didn't give lift enough to this board and make it sticky on the water compare to Carbon mold fins like the R16 50.

All the best

20th June 2011, 11:26 PM
Hi Guys,
the weekend I was in Colico (Lake Como), my home spot, hoping to try the new setup with the straps in the back holes but …no wind !
I hope for the next.
Meanwhile I'll try a friend who lend me a fin 48 carbon.

I noticed that the first batten was broken near the camber ... ... ... ... derigging bad.
This could be a cause!

I confirm that the board is fantastic, also maintains nose down under extreme conditions of wind and chop. In its range is fast, stable and gybing!
It is not a high wind slalom!


27th June 2011, 06:52 PM
yesterday I think I have found the solution.
Rear straps in the back holes.
Front strap center holes.
Mast track in the centre.
Equally balanced load on the legs, so good ....... but I found the bottom of the table, in the central part, a crack of about 20 cm.

Say it is a structural failure ........ not normal after only 15 outputs.

Now I have a bigger problem than finding the setup ! : (



30th June 2011, 12:11 AM

What type of construction do you have ? Wood or carbon ? If Wood, is that a crack along the bottom hull's wood veneer line (i.e., along the longitudinal axis of the hull) or is it across the bottom hull's wood veneer lines ?

Time to bring it ASAP to your shop for a comprehensive & in-depth inspection and to fill in the express warranty form below:


Cheers !


30th June 2011, 02:42 AM
Hi Jean Marc,
I have a carbon type!

The crack is along the bottom in the middle of width and length.
If I press close to the crack with thumbs It'is soft, the crack closes and even water filters out......
I wrote to the importer and to the shop. Actually I'm waiting for then to' reply!!