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15th June 2011, 01:21 AM

I just bought a second hand starboard kombat 2008 96 liter, I use this board on the north sea (holland).

I am having a little bit of difficulty to use the board because I am having multiple spin outs, even if there is very little pressure on my back leg.

Can you tell me if I can change anything to improve this, because it is a little bit anoying.



15th June 2011, 12:36 PM
Hi Dirk, I had the same problem when using bigger sails on that same board. You should have the standard fin which is a Drake 30cm, I bought a 32cm fin and had very few spin outs after that. What size sail are you using? and how much you weigh play a big factor.

15th June 2011, 06:41 PM
Kombats and Kodes have this problem due the US fin box if you use a sail bigger than 5.4. They work but not well with bigger fins and the fins for some people are hard to get. The also break easy if touch the sand. ( rip out behind the front screw )
I had a few of these boards k105 k 95 and both caused a heap of problems using an Alpha 6.2. I weighed about 86kgs. The 105 simply doesn't work with larger sails which was the advertised sail range. I had a 6.9 and it made it very sluggish with a 32 the bigest fin I could find in US box. I do have the 2011 K113 which is probably the most fun board I ever owned. This is my third one now ( I change boards ever year )
I have since had another brand which uses Powerbox and it has been the best move i ever made. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Starboard which have incredibly good construstion etc. But in this one small area of their range I now buy elsewhere and it has cost the brand three boards to date, from me alone.
Stick to 5.4 max with that board and if you need a bigger sail go to the Kode 113 and put a 34 MFC freemove into it for 6.1,and 40 MFC for a 7.4. With those two boards you will cover the whole range.

16th June 2011, 12:38 PM
So Ulf, what is this other make of board, it's alright you can say.

I was weighing up buying a Kode 113 but was advised against it for what I wanted, instead I opted for the JP All ride 116, not tried it but looks fun.

17th June 2011, 09:05 AM
JP FSW and wave single.

The allride would be quite nice as well. I saw one in the demo trailer but couldn't get my hands on it as it was constantly in use. Must be good if that was the case. It might be a bit less bump and jump than the Kode 113, but it will get along at a fair pace when dropping into a slalom stance. I did ride a Xcite ride 120 during the summer( my sons board) in the same conditions which went very well through the swell, especially coming back in using the waves to go faster. It didn't turn or jump like the K113 but that is to be expected concidering the difference in design.
If you sail flatwater and small swell then the Allride 116 will be great. If the conditions are a lot lumpier ( like where I live) then the Kode 113 will outstrip the Allride with an advanced rider on board.

With any board it really comes down to where you live and where you intend to ride the equipment. I have a completely different kit of boards and sails for flat water up the coast. The kodes are left for dead in flat water by Futuras and Isonics etc. you need to choose according to the most likely spot it will be used.

18th June 2011, 02:20 PM
That is some interesting assumptions there, how can a wider board be more comfortable when the conditions get choppier? The JP is 3cm narrower and has pronounced 'V' all the way back to between your feet. If you watch the promotional videos on You tube for both boards they are very different, I think the Kode spends less than 10 seconds going in a straight line and the rest of it sailing Maui style mast and a half high waves with the odd freestyle manouvre.

Both boards would need to be tested on the same piece of water by the same sailor with the same sail over varying conditions to settle this one. I really wanted the Kode as I am a Starboard man through and through but if the 113 is the best choppy water freeride type board out there then SB's promo is poor to say the least, they didn't do enough to highlight this and have lost the sale of one board!

20th June 2011, 12:30 PM
As I said I haven't ridden the 116. only Xcite 120, as well as futuras and stypes for that matter in the same location over and over. The narrower design means bulkier through the middle. I could feel this on the waves and chop on the 120. really old school after being on short wider Kodes.

I can't explain the Kode 113 feel other than to say it feels alive when you want it to be and in a straight line it goes as well if not better than the Xcite 120. I think the tail has a lot to do with it. Maybe that is a question for the starboard designers. It defientely is easy to control in the air jumping on the way out. The Xcite didn't do that well at all. I find the Kode a lot more fun overall. Those who rode my Kode 112's ended buying one. They all comment on how different it is to any other board and how well it works in our location.

The best thing I can suggest is ride one to see for yourself. Then you will know. I don't think they use the larger kodes in the promo. They are built to turn though;)

22nd June 2011, 06:55 AM
You can't realy compare the Kode to an X-cite ride as they are two completely different animals, the X-cite ride is more like a Carve which leans heavily on the freeride element of our sport.

Ulf you are right Tail width has a lot to do with how a board feels, but board shaping is very complex and lots of other factors like V, mid section width, thickness and concaves all play their part too.

It will be interesting to see if they do a test on these two boards in the sizes stated, barring that I will try and see if I can get a demo Kode. I only bought the JP to have some fun on and use on my upcoming holiday to Egypt so I may sell it in the new year and buy a Kode if I can try one.