View Full Version : gaastra vapor 11.0 technora 2010

17th June 2011, 06:01 PM
I tried gaastra vapor technora 11.0 with my new starboard HWR in light wind 10 knots, and i felt that i was underpowered all time. I m 84 kg and i used a powerful fin VMG 75 cut. I wonder if this sail is for formula race or not, cause if i compare it with NP or maui TR6- xt is much more unpowered. If you have some tips or information that i dont know, please informe me.

17th June 2011, 08:57 PM

Tell us a bit more about your setup. Where do you have your straps and mast track on the HWR? Are you using the Gaastra 550 100% mast in your Vapor and are you downhauling it more than specs? I assume its from 2010 if it is a technora?

I am using the same board and fin in all conditions and I know the Gaastras are quick; you have a fast setup.... must be a problem with setup. I am same weight as you...

18th June 2011, 04:57 AM
I really appreciate your respond! I have the mast track back in the point that i see the half of the entry hole. My footstraps are in the middle. I have a custom mast 550 100% 36 icms. I had gaastra and i broke it when i was pumping. With the new mast i find the capmer rotetion easier but not perfect! Today i was sailing at 12 knots pretty good. I realize that the main problem is the accelaration in turns ( tack or jibbing). I can not plan again quickly, i feel the sail emty, and i pump again and again loosing time. If the wind goes down from 10 knots i can not sail at all! The sail is gaastra 2010 technora 11.0 size and the boom is neilpryde x9.
Thanks a lot!