View Full Version : Nose protector - how to remove

18th June 2011, 05:13 PM
Hi. I have a Futura 144 that came with a factory fitted Starboard nose protector. I would like to remove it and just use a mast / boom protector instead. I read some threads that say these are stuck on using a silicon based sealer but this one isn't. It looks like it has been put on with a clear hard glue (possibly cyanoacrylate / super glue / instant glue - that sort of thing) but obviously I don't want to damage the board underneath. Any idea what Starboard use to put these on? Should I bother? Any advice much appreciated.

mark h
22nd October 2014, 07:31 PM
I'm about get a 2014 iS107. I think ups an ex rental board and it also has a nose protector, I'm guessing it's factory fitted too. Are they fairly easy to take off?

23rd October 2014, 06:08 PM
Think they are normally stuck on with silicon...in past I have cut protector into two halves. (right at front) Be carefull to stop before you get to board... Prise it up (if you can it almost must be silicon rather than epoxy) Try to work a sharp flexible blade in..prise up and cut as you go along...its not easy..but loads easier in two halves...If no luck..(but be very careful with it) petrol will destroy the silicon..without (in theory) damaging board paint.. (certainly wont damage board..motorbike tanks used to be fibreglass)

Other interesting fact...had my windscreen replaced today...fitter punched a tiny hole through screen adhesive and inserted a long piece of dyneema/kevlar cord (about 2mm diameter) this he then pulled around screen (with a winding machine) It cut the adhesive easily..actually watched him do it whilst thinking of this problem..cord never marked body work...apparently they tried system with wire originally but they tended to damage bodywork... sure this idea could be adopted /adapted..???