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26th June 2011, 01:53 AM
How I did it ? But the fact is there is damage on the tail rail. How do I best fix this. As a first repair I added some 1 second glue.

Now I plan to fix it with epoxy filler. Has any one have a better solution, beside running to the shop.

26th June 2011, 10:31 PM
Take a look at the "Repair Guidance" secton on the Starboard website.
It adresses Technora repair specifically.


The repair technique needs to match the damage.
If you have a small ding, or a ding that does not extend into the foam core of your board, then
yes, a 2 part epoxy filler and a coat of paint will have you back on the water quickly.
If your ding is larger, it can affect the structure of your board, and needs some reinforcement,
so epoxy resin and some fiberglass or carbon fiber and perhaps some under fill with a foam product
may be required to get a strong repair.
In either case, you need to dry out the board as much as possible. If your ding goes into the core,
closing the vent as the day heats up can "push" any moisture near the ding back out of your board
at the ding site.
If you suspect the moisture has migrated further into the board, opening the vent and putting your board in the sun can "boil" out any moisture over several days.
Be sure to close the vent as the temps begin to drop in the evening.
Best to do your repairs in the evening as the temps drop as this will "pull" the repair materials
into the ding rather than having the board 'breathing out" as it warms up and preventing a full seal.
Hope this helps,

27th June 2011, 03:42 AM

thanks for the reply. the damage is a very small ding 1cm. Since the board is only 3 months it feels like a big ding. However I do not get the feeling it is punctured throug entirely. It looks like it only the top layer. Will close it with the filler.