View Full Version : F161/Apollo vs iS145/155 Gybing

20th February 2007, 01:38 AM
Having alot of experience "racing" and iS415 I was wondering

- is there a big difference between iS145/iS155 when it comes down to planing through a tight or longer gybe?

- how do F161 and Apollo tend to handle (can one actualls carve gybe them planing?)

I've seen a few formula people on the water but only one was worth anything and I never saw him plane through a gybe. So was he just not good enough/ conditions to meak or is planig through gybe on F161/Apollo quite a challenge? Having asked this: with 9.5 / 11.0 sail what windspeeds would one be looking for to most likely have the right conditions to plane through gybes (low end of course)?