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22nd February 2007, 05:42 AM

Already posted on "Ask Our Team" Forum but with no replies...


Same question: I want to use 2006 S-Type 126 for its Slalom potential rather than for Freeride qualities.

A lot of people talks about S-Type Slalom qualities but 39 cm Drake stock fin is all except a Slalom fin; so what do you think of this combo:

Select S05 39 cm + North Daytona 7.3 (3 cambers) ?

As you can see, Select fin profile is quite different from Drake stock fin:


So, has some 2006 S-Type 126 owner tuned it for Slalom use ?

And what are board limits (in terms of knots) in Ligh / High winds ?

- Expander.

23rd February 2007, 02:05 AM

No S-Type 126 owner has some impression to share on using it with fins / sails Slalom oriented ?

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23rd February 2007, 02:17 AM
I used to use the same board and fin combo with a tush lightning 7.8.

The fin really changes the boards character. With the select fin installed gybing is a lot harder but the extra speed gained is well worth it.

The main problem I found is when the sail is reaching overpowered, the board fin combo becomes very overpowered and rides high loosing control even with my 86kg on top. With a 37 select it was good in this situation but I had to be careful to choose the right fin based on the wind.

You may find that the 37 is a better choice for the 7.3. The S05 is very powerful IMO.

23rd February 2007, 04:26 AM

I give you my usual advice to those who plan to buy a speed/slalom/race fin.
Since Deboichets are here, why don't you give them a call and ask for advice, delivery time and a quotation? Their fins are top class by sure, and maybe their answers will be an unexpected nice surprise. This at least is what I have found. Then I ordered my SL2s lightheartedly.

23rd February 2007, 04:40 PM

Thank you, Phill and Geo, for replies.

Phil: in your opinion, with this combo (S05 39 cm + 7.3), what should be S-Type 126 limit (in terms of knots) in Ligh / High winds ? In other words:

a) at which wind speed board starts to plane ?

b) on opposite side, at which wind speed you feel of loosing control when overpowered ?

Geo: may be you are right, I know very well Jean-Jacques' fins and their qualities (I use them in Formula racing) but, for this time, I have bought a second hand fin from Urbano (Igea Marina) at a very good price... anyway I think Select makes good fins too.

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24th February 2007, 02:33 AM
It's hard to say as I don't really look at wind speed. I tend to just look at the water and rig up.

At a guess though, 12-14kts would get you planing and once at about 20kts the fin became overpowered but the board and sail had loads left so I would either switch down board or stick the S05 37 on if I was in lazy mode.

Tim Fast
14th March 2007, 06:38 AM

i actually use a similar combo onmy S-Type 115 ,Select 37 cm plus RS Slalom 7.2 or V8 7.5. THis combo works great and in choppy conditions very hard to beat. Go for it ! I would prefer 37 cm over 39 cm



14th March 2007, 03:33 PM

Thank you, Tim, for sharing your impressions.

Anyway, in the meantime, I was able to test 126 with Select 39 cm + Daytona 7.3 in windy but gusty condition: I'm very satisfied.


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14th March 2007, 04:27 PM
I've had some experience with s-type 115 (2005 and 2006) with select lightning evo 39 cm and gun booster 7,5

With 90kg I need 14 knots to get comfortable planingspeeds

Now with the s-type 115 (2007), I sold the select-vin and use the stock 38cm drake freeslalomfin and with the same 7,5m² I reached over 30 knots in just 15-17 knots of wind. If you can get one of the 2007 drake fins, just do it. Perfect match with that sailsize and perfect match with the s-type's.