View Full Version : starboard flare 2011 or 2012

19th July 2011, 05:58 PM
Hi ,i'm 13
I'm learning my first freestyle triks like air jibe and show it ,Now i have a 2008 flare 100 lt but it is a bit old and also quite big so i'd like to buy a new one .there are many changes in the 2012 one ?or i can buy the 2011 flare and saving some money what size do you think is better ? (i use sails from 3.4 to 5.3 and my weight is 50 kg )
Thanks for your help :)

9th August 2011, 02:28 PM
The new flare i awesome! Very different then 2011. Itīs only 91, 101 and 111 with updated shape.
Go for 91 2012 itīs only 228 long. It might be a bit big so if you want to go smaller the 2011 prokids is almost the same as 2012 prokids.
I think you will learn sliding tricks faster with the new 91
Find a place to try it out to check if the size is god