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28th July 2011, 05:26 AM
I'm posting on this forum because i don't need a registration even though this post isn't about starboard products.
Anyway, i just want a bit of help choosing which board to get.
I'm 14 years old, This is my 4th year windsurfing and recently i've joined the local windsurf club. Obviously, i need my own kit (I used to rent xD) and right now i've got to choose between an F2 Spice 106 (fairly new, 2007 or 2008 model, idk, quite light and costs £290) and another F2, not sure which model/year but it's also in good shape, 115l and costs £200. I COULD go looking for other boards at the shop if these aren't any good, though i doubt i could find better, especially at this price. I think i remember a 96l (?) crossover, so i can check that out...
Of course, this is all second hand. I'll be sailing mainly in around 15 knots in slightly choppy conditions but when the wind picks up i want to practically use this stuff in up to 20 knots... I have a 5.7 neil pryde Tempo, all new and pretty light, and it's fairly big for me at this point for high wind but bear in mind i'm 55 kg and will grow quite a lot.
I've tested them both out. The Spice I've tested in really light wind just to see it's light wind potential, and it was quite smooth. It's way thinner than the other board, which is 70cm (the spice is 62), which i've tested in possibly ideal conditions for it. My 5.7 was really powered, and i found it's really stable and goes pretty damn fast... This is going to be my only board for this and next year, so it's going to need some versatility. I also don't plan on getting another sail yet...
I'm thinking the spice so far just for the fact that it's smaller and more compact, and later on i could still use it as my high wind board...Anyways, any suggestions are welcome.

28th July 2011, 04:58 PM
Imho go for the Spice 106. I'm 90 kg, LITTLE older, and I use a freemove board of 112 litres many times, I mean almost everytime. They are versatile board and you can use them in flatwater but also in moderate waves (just used my Score 112 in Klitmøller, Denmark...) Price is good imho.

30th July 2011, 03:40 AM
Well, thx to the one person who replied. Anyways, I'm buying the 106 spice. I used it today in 16 knots i believe and it was quite good, but i gotta practice planing and going downwind. my upwind is pretty good, but as i'm already here i might as well ask if anyone has any blasting tips :D Just, i'm more used to rig steering and i'm trying to get planing already cos most of the time i go upwind when moving back on the board...
And should i go windsurfing with a PFD to try waterstarting? cos all the uphauling is fucking my hands up and i can't set up a waterstart in the water xD...

30th July 2011, 05:44 AM
You can't have it all....all at once.
If you are uphualing alot, work on staying on top of the board with the rig in your hands
alot more.
When you only have to uphaul occasionally (like if you goof on one out of 10 tacks and jibes)
THEN work on your planing, and jibes.
Work on your beachstarts as much as possible.
A Beachstart is simply a shallow water waterstart.... where you don't use up all your energy trying
to position the rig in deep water.
Work on moving your board around in all directions by pushing on/manipulating the rig... in knee deep water (whatever depth clears the rear fin off the bottom) .
When you can steer your board into a slightly downwind alignment using only hands on the boom (perhaps one hand on the mast if you like, but both on the boom is better) from any direction, then begin to work toward doing the same thing in deeper water.
Deep water waterstarts will come with practice.
Remember to work on your techniques for a little while, then stop and go sail to have some fun, then
go back to working on your techniques.

Del Carpenter
31st July 2011, 09:58 AM
"And should i go windsurfing with a PFD to try waterstarting?",
Dante, my advice is: always wear a PFD while windsurfing (unless you are jumping...and I would still wear one even then). I've windsurfed twice as many summers as you've been alive and I've never actually needed a PFD, but I always wear one, just in case. If we live long enough each of us will make plenty of stupid mistakes. I try to take advantage of the simple safety measures that will lessen the harm to me from my inevitable stupid mistakes. I hope you will too.

31st July 2011, 05:11 PM
PFD for sure, can avoid you a lot of... salt water drinking. I mean in the first times of waterstarting in deeper waters you will obviously do a lot of mistakes and PFD will help you a lot.
Second, a PFD can also save your life in some situations, like loosing consciousness after a mast or board hit (it can happen in waves so there are riders wearing helmets also).

31st July 2011, 05:22 PM
Just to play devils advocate here !!!

A PFD simply keeps you afloat ; which I`m pretty sure I do (most people??) in wetsuit and harness. (Try going under water in a wetsuit/harness ???)

Only time any flotation device would be of use is if you are knocked unconscious;in which case you are as likely to lay face down anyhow in a PFD??? A certified life jacket becomes the only viable help (ie one that floats you automatically on your back) I have never seen any windsurfer wearing such a device ???? (Not sure what the new numbers are but it used to be to BS 3595; PFD/Buoyancy aids do not meet standards)

IMO the best safety advice is never sail in conditions beyond your capabilities ; wear a helmet and suitable wetsuit/shoes and dont sail further out than you would be comfortable paddling your board back from?? Have a go at laying on board paddling. Its an essential self rescue skill.

I carry a length of rope and a spare UJ/Pin. (Bolts direct to fin box) If I`m sailing alone I take my mobile phone out (In aqua pack)

I`ve windurfed for 30 years and never been in a situation where a PFD would help ???? Had plenty of bruises on head; stood on urchins/rocks ???

Lets face it a board is a much better safety device than any PFD ????
How many instances have there been where PFD`s /Buoyancy aids have saved windsurfers ???
I dont know of any ?

1st August 2011, 01:25 AM
Remember is 14th and I suppose living in England, so not learning in a warm sea or a quiet lake. Imho a PFD can help, even their parents to leave serene him go windsurfing.

Del Carpenter
1st August 2011, 06:54 AM
Oops, I'm sorry I used the term PFD. A certified life jacket is what I always use.

1st August 2011, 01:20 PM
Take my comment back then Del !!!

I could never see point in wearing PFD/bouyancy aid (for WS;its different in Dinghy sailing/canoeing)

A certified life jacket will give safety benefits.

1st August 2011, 02:12 PM
Sorry my english is not so good, I was meaning that a lifejacket EN50 is a good help, I don't know the difference with a personal flotation device.
In Italy a windsurfer should always wear a EN50 Jacket (they are thinner compared to EN100 made for boats); otherwise he could get a not so low ticket by police or better coastal guard.

1st August 2011, 08:07 PM
I think life jackets will ,in the event of you becoming unconcscious ,float you on your back with your mouth out of the water. A PFD/bouyancy aid will simply keep you afloat, not neccesarily face up !!!

Didnt realise there were any laws insisting on anything been worn anywhere in Europe. Must be difficult to enforce. an impact vest,many harnesses and all wet suits offer some level of bouyancy.

Been a couple of times I wished I`d worn impact vest; two broken ribs could have been avoided !!!

1st August 2011, 11:19 PM
Ok, so just to be clear, i wrote PFD cos i cba to write lifejacket.
Just to clear things up: I'm in bulgaria, which is generally quite hot, the sea is also really nice during the summer (pretty warm as well, so i generally ws without a wetsuit) and the wind here isn't really that strong...
I'll practice my beach start when there's more wind and less people in the water. So far i'm still getting used to footsteering, windsurfing faster and moving back on the board.
The lifejacket or PFD or whatever is a mixed issue, but so far i've been advised not to use a lifejacket at this stage because i don't have to and it might just get in my way. anyways, i never get separated from the board even when i fall and for the paddling issue the first 2 times with a shortboard (this IS the first shortboard i've used) i paddled back to land. The wind is 95% of the time onshore (sideshore sometimes, and offshore only when there's not any wind =3) so getting back to land isn't a problem.
My parents DO want me to use a lifejacket tho, but unless i borrow my brother's one to practice waterstarting, i really don't want to buy one... xD