View Full Version : Evo 80 2008 versus Qaud 82 2011

30th July 2011, 03:54 AM
Hello ,

I sailed my evo80 nearly 50 times . I'm very impressed with the windrange and condition range of it. With 83 kg , the evo80 is my smallest board and i'm using it much more than my smallest boards which i had in the past .The last two years i nearly used my 95l board . I like it very much , so to replace it , it must be a very good choise.

I'm currious if the quad 82 2011 would be even better for me . I sail mostly in the waves in the Netherlands but i'm also travelling to find good waveriding conditions .
What would i gain with a quad 82 or quad 77 2011 to my evo and what would i loose ?

Best regards


Ray Timm
31st July 2011, 04:40 AM
I have both boards and am exactly the same weight as you are. I think the E80 planes a bit quicker and some might consider it better at B/J than the Q82, but some of that depends upon the rider. After riding my Q82 for 12 days in a row at Masirah in Oman I'm finding it to plane almost as quickly as my E80. Where the Q82 excels is its ability to grip in turns and go just exactly where you look unlike any single fin board I've sailed. I can catch a wave with a power gybe about as late as I want without sliding out on the top of the wave. Front side or back side turns and then tight cuts backs without losing speed are possible.

31st July 2011, 02:02 PM
Thanks Ray for the feedback ,

How does the Q82 perform in overpowerd conditions ? I feel less confident with the evo80 when it's overpowerd . The evo80 does feels quit good in the chop when it's overpowerd but somehow i don't feel so secure when i start gybing or start the first bottomturn when its overpowerd. But it could be also depend on my skills . Do you have the same feeling with the evo80 and how is it with the Q82 ?

Btw 12 days in a row , you must have very consistant conditions .