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1st August 2011, 05:25 AM
Hello! I work at a summer camp in Idaho, USA. We have windsurf boards from Starboard, and masts, sails, and other parts from other companies. I am trying to locate the manufacturer of the mastfoots (mastfeet?) for the windsurf boards because I need to replace three broken ones. The masts say something that looks like "ERBON" or "RBON" or something for the brand name, and "Made in France," as well as some sizes like 22,5 (22.5) and 4,60 (4.60). Do you know what brand name this is? I'm assuming that Starboard contracts with other companies for other parts of windsurf boards.
Thank you!

1st August 2011, 08:18 AM
Hi Molly,
Roger from the Starboard Windsurfing school forum here.
Can you send me an email @
I can help you to identify what gear you have, and what you need to replace.
Starboard does not mfg. or sell masts or mast bases.
I'm sure we can hook you up with suppliers over in the Columbia River Gorge that
can give you better pricing for what you need to replace.
The ERBON or ARBON indicates the masts have some percentage carbon in them.
Are there any markings on the twst plates for the mast bases.
You may need new bases, but then again you may only need new tendons for
your existing bases.
The 22.5 is the Indexed Mast Check System (IMCS bend characteristics number.
The 4.60 or 460 is the length of the mast in centimeters.
The IMCS of 22.5 is normally associated with a 430 cm mast, not a 460 cm mast.
Do you need new masts (i.e. are some of them broken)?
Perhaps you can send some photos of what you have, (boards and sails included) and we
can get you the things needed to put them all back in service at the camp.
What age levels are using these boards at the camp?
Sounds like the rigs might be a bit large for younger sailors.