View Full Version : super shallow fin suggestion

8th August 2011, 12:24 AM
Both of my boards 2011 go171 and 2007 Rio L came with 410 shallow fin. The area where I practice is very shallow which is great to learn however I keep hitting the bottom. What fin would you recommend I get to stop getting stuck and still be able to maneuver a 5.0 and eventually 6.5 sail?

8th August 2011, 01:28 AM
hi jpon2,
The best fin for what you seem to be asking would be the Lessacher 32 cm Duo Weed fin.
True Ames Fins in Santa Barbara, CA makes a "shallow water weed fin.
True Ames also makes the "Stubbie" which is 38 cm long.
Also check out the Tangent Dynamics Fins.
They make a "Drive" fin in a number of small sizes and something in the
32-36 cm range should work pretty well on your GO and Rio as the rear fin.
As an option, go to your local windsurf shop and purchase a used fin with a
Tuttle or Deep Tuttle base.
Cut it off at 34-36 cm and file the cut off end fair.
This should serve you well until you are ready to move out to deeper water.
Also, you cannot take full advantage of the center fin in your GO 171 or your Rio
L until you move out of the shallows.
The center fin or center board (Rio L) need to be full extended to give you
decent upwind performance and not limit your turning ability.