View Full Version : crap evo construction=crap summer

1st March 2007, 08:52 AM
i bought an 06 evo70wood off a 'team rider' in geraldton at the beginning of this summer for aus 1500 over the internet..(apparently exelent condition). worst purchase of my life.. i saved up for months to buy the best kit i could afford.. and after sailing this board for about a month with constantly twisting straps, it was getting very heavy, i realised it had a crack in the rail, length ways along the join where the top and bottom layer of 3mm PVC foam should meet. i say "should meet" because when i sanded the paint away it turns out it was all just bog.. the fibre glass didnt even reach all the way around the rail (no wonder it cracked). the board was less than a year old and i was told i would not get any warranty because i bought it 2nd hand of a team rider, even tho this website claims warranty for 12 months after purchase date. Everyone please check all second hand boards for cracks, repairs and starboard stickers. its no fun being stuck in WA with perfect conditions, a worthless waterlogged 06 evo and no money to replace it with. I almost traded all my kit for a kite.
thankyou starboard.

1st March 2007, 01:41 PM
As far as I know, Starboard construction is OK; I own a '06 wood Sonic and it's super solid, and a '06 D-RAM Evo and it seems even tougher. I reckon I am not sailing WA, but I use both boards and they don't even give an hint of a possible failure. As for straps, that's strange, because the '06 (stock production) fittings make it just impossible for the straps to twist.
My guess is that your board could be a lightweight proto. You should check with the team rider that sold it, or at least say clearly how the initial weight was like. If your board is not a production one, of course the Starboard dealer is not supposed to take care of it directly.
Nevertheless, you bought it from a Starboard team rider, so someone that is supposed to act as a Starboard "ambassador" and is connected to the manufacturer. Therefore IMHO Starboard is at least morally obliged to stand behind their team rider and help; unless the team rider made it perfectly clear to you that you were purchasing a "special" lightweight item, and unless of course warranty is void due to other reasons such as bad usage.

Just my thought and what I'd expect from the manufacturer.