View Full Version : Scuffs, small dings, scratches...

12th August 2011, 06:11 AM
Ahoy hoy again!

I have a Starboard Go 175 that I've been using pretty heavily. There are a lot of scuffs, very very small dings, and some scratches.

What can I do to clean these up, and what products will help me get it back to fighting shape? Like a smooth bottom again.

12th August 2011, 10:39 AM
Since your Go 175 has a white bottom, you can fill in scrathes and small dings (that do not extend through the outer skin of the board) with a white filled epoxy product.
A very available and easy to use suggestion is Marine Tex.
Mix a little of the two part Marine Tex and use a small plastic spreader to work it down into the scratches.
If the ding is on the rail, or a curved area, use several strips of 1/2" wide masking tape to compact the filler down into your dings. Take a pin and put a few small holes in the tape to let the air out.
When the Marine Tex sets up (cures) sand lightly and cover with a bit of paint.
Use epoxy or enamel white (that matches as close as possible) paint from a spray can.
Hope this helps,