View Full Version : Confusion on Light Wind Board

16th August 2011, 06:46 PM

There has been some discussion on the JP Superlight and comparing it to some of the Starboard products.

The SB 161 was mentioned. Is that basically the same as my current SB Formula 160?

And what board does SB have that complete head on with the JP Superlight?



I'm always searching for slower planing with the winds we have here in St. Pete, FL.

Currently using the SB 160 with a 12.5 Aerotech VMG. However, when the wind drops below planing speed (about 8 to 10kts for me), the 160 is a slug.

17th August 2011, 02:37 AM

My recolletion is that the JP is similar to the new Starboard Ultrasonic 147. I can't say which is better since I haven't sailed either one, but the 147 is getting GREAT reviews.

Neither will plane as early as your 160 (I have one too). The newer formula boards - 161, 162, LWR/HWR all have wider tails and should plane a little earlier than the 160, but I doubt the difference will be noticiable.

A buddy of mine just received a new LWR and I still plane quicker than he does with the same size sails last week (Maui Sails 9.2, TR 6 for me and TR 7 for him) However, he weighs about 25 lbs more than me.

I would say, stick with what you have.