View Full Version : shorter boards is it possible?

20th August 2011, 05:44 PM
Lenght is one of the most important factors on board design. And actually the modern boards short length does not give the same feeling to the experienced sailor as older boards did. But shorter boards are more pleasant to most people (because of the extra width) and they make windsurfing more attractive to general public. Still our boards are much bigger than in any other board sport except SUP. But than again in SUP you only have one board to think about. I was thinking of ways to reduce even more the length of the boards and came to the following solution. Do you remember an NPU sail with curved down part with special constructed bended mast. NPU was an austrian sail manufacterer wich made very good sails maybe not the solid quality other brands had but excellent performance. This perticular sail that came out in the late 80 maybe early 90s. It supposed to have a better performance than regular sails but it didnt made any succes. I think you can use this idea to reduce the boards length. Putting the mastfoot far back without affecting the real position of the sail you can maintain the boards nose aera high because the pressure will be far back. This is a complicated way to reduce boards length but we came to modern boards design because we changed our sails too, remember how may moderns trends came back this way. I believe that can work and you can save with width and shape adjustments 20 cm of the board length. What do you think?