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23rd August 2011, 01:26 AM
Recently I have asked you (Remi and all the other members of this forum) for some advice about the replacement of my Tabou Rocket 145. I decided to order the 2012 Futura 131. That will bring my boards quiver back to 3 boards. Besides the 131 Futura I own a 2010 Futura 111 and a 92 JP Freestyle wave. My sails are all Neil Pryde: 8.5 Helium, 7.7 H2, 6.7 H2, 5.7 Hellcat, 5.2 Hellcat and a 4.5 Alpha.

I am not so sure I made the right decision with ordering the Futura 131. I decided to buy this board because I wanted a sportier ride than my Tabou.

I use the JP 92 FSW with the 5.7, 5.2 en 4.5 sail. I use the Futura 111 most of the time with the 6.7 H2, but in the last year it hasn't seen a lot of use. The reason I don't use the 111 Futura very often is that I can use the 76 wide tabou with the 7.7 very long and when the wind gets to strong I will switch to the JP FSW.

I was thinking if it wouldn't be better to think about the following 3 boards quiver:
1. Ultrasonic for lightwind situations: 8.5 Helium and maybe a bigger sail in the Future
2. 122 Futura for the 7.7H2 and 6.7H2;
3. JP FSW for higher winds.

What do you think?

I am 88kg and 1.96m tall. I am an lightly advanced sailer...

23rd August 2011, 05:26 AM
Yes and No. Your F111 is perfect for the 6.7 and 7.7. You will have a far better time on that board with those sails than the F122. I used a 111 with those sails and weigh the same as you. I now have 7.2 and 8.2 on the 111 ltr. You really don't need a bigger board for that sail range.
For the 8.5 Helium yes the ultasonic would be better. Lets face it. You will be under 13ktns if you need a bigger sail than the 7.7. So If you can be bothered with that wind you might as well get an early planner. I had a F133 and it simply didn't jump on the plan like those ultra wide boards. I would change you order if you can. Also the Helium blows out at 13-15 ktns so you wont be pushing it into higher wind ranges that the F133 would go.
P.S. Not a team member, just another rider like you.

24th August 2011, 04:17 PM
Thanks a lot for your opinion.

You are right about the Futura 111. The combination with the 7.7 H2 is perfect. I prefer this combination above the 145 litre Tabou Rocket with 7.7 sail also, but strange enough the combination with the Tabou is the combination I use mostly. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that I am used to this combination, so it's some sort of safe haven. I should pick the 111 Futura more often and I will. Second reason is that I like a little more volume in situations when the wind is gusty. Besides that waterstarting with the 7.7H2 isn't really nice, especiallly when the wind is very gusty. With the volume of the Tabou rocket and the Futura 133 it's possible to uphaul the sail.

What do you yuo guys think about the Ultrasonic in this perspective? I think the Ultrasonic could close the gap with the 111 Futura. I think it can be sailed with the 7.7H2 also, but I expect it will be a boring ride compared to the 133 Futura. On the other side the Ultrasonic will give new opportunities in light wind situations with a bigger sail. I am seriously thinking about replacing the Neil Pryde helium with a 9.2 H2. That would be a very nice combination with the Ultrasonic I expect.

Another option could be the Futura 133 for now and maybe an Ultrasonic in the future. That would bring my quiver to 4 boards. Quite a lot....

All opinions are welcome!!

25th August 2011, 02:11 PM
Hi Dennis,

For the same reason you mention, I bought the new Ultrasonic. I had the F133 2010 and replaced it for the Ultrasonic. I hope I will reciev the Ultrasonic in the first week of september. I also have the F111 and the F93 The gap between F133 and 111 was to narrow for me. I have almost the same weight and lenght as you (95kg and 1.95m) The advantage of the Ultrasonic is that you can go on the water much sooner then with the Futura. So you have a much wider reach of wind with only 3 boards.

hope this helps,

all the best

26th August 2011, 05:50 PM
Hi Marco,

Thanks for your reply. It helps a bit...Still I don't seem to be able to make a good decission...:confused:

My main questions at this moment:
- Will there be a gap between the Ultrasonic and my Futura 111?
- How good will the combination of 8.7H2 with the Ultrasonic be and will it be a better combination than the 8.7H2 with the Futura 131?
- Is it possible and comfortable to sail the Ultrasonic with my 7.7H2 also (in low powered condition where it's not nice to sail with the 7.7 on the Futura 111?

I don't expect to be on the water below 10/11knts. All opinions are welcome.


26th August 2011, 11:56 PM
Not exactly apples to apples but here is my situation.

I have a formula 160 and sail it with an 11.0 and 9.2 in winds from 7 knots to between 15-18 knots (freeriding, not racing).

I have an iSonic 111 and will go to it sometimes with a 8.4 if the wind is 11-14 knots (could still be on the formula).

Most often, I will use my 7.6 on the iS 111 when the wind is 13-18 knots, dropping to a 6.6 if the wind is in the 16-22 knot range.

I have a smaller 105 liter board that I go to for my 6.0, 5.0 and 4.4 sails.

I weigh 77 kg.

I think the Ultrasonic and Futura 111 is a reasonable spread.

27th August 2011, 02:26 PM
hi dennis,

I don't think there will be any gap between the ultrasonic and the F111. You can use the 7,8 on the US and the F111. I used the north RAM 8,5 on the F133, this was a good combination. I only replaced the standard fin for the C3 sting II 48. this one gave more lift in low wind conditions.
The 8,5 I will also use on the Ultrasonic. The advantage is that I can always go with a bigger sail in the future, while the F133 is at his limits. The same story for your 7,7. You can use this also on the US.

I have a 7.8 North S-type I will use.

Hope this helps,