View Full Version : futura 141 vs ultrasonic

8th September 2011, 02:59 PM
i have a futura 141 wood 2011 that i buy whith the purpose of lightwind planning, the fin is 51 drake and my biggest sail is a NP h2 8,2 mtrs and i dont want bigger sails than this
if i change my futura 141 and buy an ultrasonic 147 whith 56 fin :
will i get planning significantly earlier ?
im not looking for 10 knots or lower
lets inmagine the wind is from 10 to 14 knots
will the ultrasonic offer me more time planning?
sooner planning? easier planning?
allways whith the 8,2 sail
thanks juan1:)

8th September 2011, 05:56 PM
The extra width of the UltraSonic 147 will get you planing significantly earlier.
A larger rig would get planing even sooner, but an 8.2 should have you planing in around
12 knots... maybe 11 knots if you pump well.

8th September 2011, 06:10 PM
thanks Roger
ive been running around the idea before decide to ask at the forum and i was trying to anticipate the buying so asking shops and importer in spain they dont have the board
also in uk they dont have
so is not easy to plane not only for the wind
in fact im allready pumping at home:)
is there any shop in usa selling on the web that is big and whith stock??:)
regards juan1