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13th September 2011, 10:54 AM
I was reading in the minutes of the raceboard class AGM that the new Hybrid length will be 310cm.

So will the phantom 320 (including previous year models) only be able to race in the main Raceboard class?

Will we see a phantom 310 anytime soon or will the 295 be the only hybrid from Starboard?

13th September 2011, 12:54 PM
Hi Tonymatta,

This rules are pretty new, so for sure in 2012 our Phantom 295 will be the only one. Let's see what happen in next Youth World then we will see. If I am correct will be in this class, Neil Pryde Rs one & Rsx, Starboard Phantom 295, Bic Techno 293 & Hybrid 310, what else?

And all this board are inexpensive except the Rsx, make sens??

All the best

15th September 2011, 05:42 AM
these rules are not detailed enough, no sound and precise thinking there
as a result the boards are very different, can not reasonably race together
consequently the class has no relevance, does not exist
and broad audience competition in windsurf is dead

completely stupid ...

15th September 2011, 06:44 AM
I have raced on my RSX and phantom 320, and bic Hybrid against RSX and techno 293. they are really not that different. The bigest variable I noticed is sail size. The next bigest is sailor skills. Then maybe sailor weight.

The boards do have performance differences in different conditions but not so much that you couldn't have a good contest and a good fun time. There is always handicaps to keep it interesting as well.

I think windsurfing is a victim of fashion. Most sailboat classes have suffered serious declines over time. If you enjoy competition for competitions sake, you better just go with what is popular at the time.
If you just like windsurfing then do what I do and sail your favorite board with what ever fleet is on the water at the time. Someone will see you out there and come and chase you around.

15th September 2011, 04:40 PM
Hi Tony,

For sure their is difference depend of the wind and Rsx is way more expansive than all the other Hybrid and this class is for Youth!?!?!? Built a class for youth, I don't think is the way to go.

All the best