View Full Version : Starboard HWR foostraps

16th September 2011, 02:31 AM
I just got my HWR and trying to mount the footstraps. It is really difficult to get the screws in the holes and i hear scary cracking sound, is this right?

16th September 2011, 05:22 AM
Hi Erolwi

Yes this is normal but to make it easy you can first screw them in a piece of soap and then fix your foot straps.

All the best

16th September 2011, 07:17 AM
You can also use a mix of Water and Dishwash soap. I use a spayer to apply in holes and in the screw .
The water keeps the plastic cool and easy to screw in.

16th September 2011, 10:22 AM
If you have a 6mm x 1.0 X 28 mm footstrap screw (the older shorter ones) it's a good idea to put the soap
(either liquid or a bar of bath soap) on the 6mm screw an run it in approx. 2/3 of the way.
Do this on all the FS insert holes you intend to use.
Then put soap on the 7 mm x 1.0 x 32 mm new style footstrap screws and they will go in much more easily, and will last much longer.
You are putting some threads in the holes with the 6mm screw, sort of like tapping the hole.
Oh, DO NOT use any sort of power tool on the footstrap screws!
Use a good quality # 3 Phillips screwdriver... by hand.
Use of power tools creates too much heat and friction and can destroy the holes in the inserts permanently.