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17th September 2011, 05:47 AM

Question for the Starboard team, do you guys think a 3 or 4 fin raceboard would work for both light wind (non planning) and medium-strong wind (planning) ?

I mean something like an hybrid raceboard, like phantom 320, but with a 3 or 4 race fins setup, like the latest kiteboard course race boards use. I think it could eliminate the need of a dagger for upwind progress in non planning conditions.

Do you think it makes sense?
Have you tried some similar prototype?


22nd September 2011, 09:48 PM
"The next big benefit was wind range. Initially multi-fins were knocked for getting planing slower than an equivalent single-fin. But then people realised that, because multi-fins were so much looser than single-fins, you could actually ride a bigger board. Not only that, but at the top end of the wind spectrum, multi-fin boards offered more control. They kept the board manoeuvrable underfoot even when the sail was overpowered, and at the same time, more settled in a straight line with their planted ride. Compensating for slower planing by opting for a bigger board and offering more control at the top end ultimately translated to a waveboard with more wind range – and that’s a very big benefit."

Source: Boardseeker Mag, Multifin wave board test.

So quads have made wave boards much better: tighter turning, better upwind, more control, more wind range... and though they may lfeel slower, testers say its not clear that they have a speed disadvantage (against single fins).
So what are you board designers waiting for? Or may be I'm unveiling some secret race/freerace multifin design?

23rd September 2011, 05:40 AM
Hi Magnum

We try already this concept but no chance to work at all on a Race-Board particularly in non planning condition to replace the dagger board.
The dagger board have a huge surface aera and deep and this help a lot to get the board on the rail. Multi fins to replace it need to be minimum as long but due to the fact is multi fins you will have huge drags.
Multi fins is good only in wave saling to get more grip even in slalom is not working until now.....

Hope this help

All the best

3rd October 2011, 09:46 PM
OK many thanks Remi,

That makes sense for lightwinds when you either rail the board or you are going to go much slower. I still think it has to be an (multifin) application for racing planning boards (formulas, slalom) and freerace-freeride boards, where multifin boards would provide better control and range without a significant speed loss. If that is not possible how can you explain they are the board of choice at modern kiteboard racing?

Thanks again,

All the best