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20th September 2011, 06:26 PM

My doughter is 9 yrs old, 30 kg. She started windsurfing this summer on a Start board and 2.0 sail, she loved it, and now we are thinking of buying a smaller board. My lokal shop have Starsurfer S 2007 modell ( 117 liters , 235 cm long / 71 wide / 45 tail ) and Prokids Go 2007 modell ( 100 liters , 216 long / 76 wide / 50 tail ) for sale. They are both new and cost the same. What board do you think will be the best for here?

The wind in our area is normally 5 to 8 mph when we surf with the children.

20th September 2011, 07:27 PM
Hi Norwegian,
Do both of these boards have the center fin slot?
I know the Starsurfer has one, but not sure about the PK Go.
If the PK GO has the center fin, I would go with that as it's wider.
I did some testing on the 117 liter Starsurfer that I will share with you
if you get that board. You really need to get your daughtter a 2.5 m2 rig
as soon as possible.
The mast slot to center fin distance makes it nearly impossible to stay
upwind on this board with sails < 2.5 m2..
The PK GO may very well have the same issue.
Tiny sails have the COE (center of effort) very close to the mast, and the CLR (Center of Lateral Resistance)
is too far back to get upwind drive without raking the rig so much that it makes almost no drive.
A mast track extender, or a new single mast position right over the front of the center fin solves this issue.

21st September 2011, 08:52 AM
I have a Starsufer for my kids and like it (30, 40 and 50 kg). At 30 kg, it will be quite stable for her, probably more than enough.

We use 2.0, 2.5 and 3.2 rigs with it. I'm sure it works fine with the 2.5, but I think it is also good with the 2.0. I put the mastfoot has much backward as possible.

On important trick for us is to use the smallest and cheapest fin I could find in the back instead of the much larger included plastic one. Use the second plastic fin in the center. This will bring the CLR forward and also allow for easier tacking. With the large plastic one in the back, my 40 kg girl cannot tack the board with a 2.5, but has no problem with the small fin in the back instead.