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26th September 2011, 07:34 AM
Found a reasonable used North mast which seems to be 460 cm and 15 % carbon.
It looks to be in good shape.
I am still looking for a 460.
As a heavyweight in a lite wind region, my sails are 7.0 and larger and go on 490 and 520 masts.
Luckily my 7-oh still fits on a 490, but one day, I hope to use more modern sails.
As such, I imagine 30 % would still be the starting point ??

my current masts are 75 % and 100 % - as marked.

as you go down in sail size i have heard one can get away with less carbon.
and obviously many are using RDM in the smaller sizes now as well.

as usual i am just trying to save some money, but the more i write here, i guess a North 460 15 % SRS is out of the question ??

thx in advance

27th September 2011, 07:17 AM
Hi Joe.
I wouldn't go with 15% Joe, i will look for 50% and up.
Good sailing.

27th September 2011, 06:21 PM

I have a 460, 0-15%, don't know for sure. I use it for windskate. You can try it if you want, it will give you an idea.

Since you mention RDM, I plan on avoiding SDM for 400 size and smaller. These get used by people I introduce to windsurfer and by my kids more than by myself (Light winds as you know...) SDM is impossible to grab for them!