View Full Version : Do I need a board with a daggerboard?

28th September 2011, 05:38 PM

I need advice. I am going to buy equipment for windsurfing. I tried windsurfing for one summer 11 years ago, on a large BIC-board with a daggerboard. I managed to uphaul, plane, and do some clumsy, slow tacks/gybes. I did not try a harness, and I did not manage to use the foot straps.

Now, 11 years later, I have descided to buy my own equipment, and try to learn this for real. A local dealer has offered the Rio and Carve171. He says that the Carve 171 is the best for me. If I buy the Rio, I might want to switch this to another board very quickly, but with the Carve 171, I might have what I need for a long time.

However, the Carve 171 is big, and another guy told me that this board is for fat people.. His advice is to go for the Rio, and get a smaller board as the next one.

So, a Carve 171 or Rio, both with 6,7kvm sail/severne synergy) Or should I look at other boards, this might not be an option since the dealers does not stock many boards here in Norway.

Another q: Is the Mystic Cure 5/3 a good wetsuit for water 10 degrees?

My weight is 80kg, and I'm 183cm tall. The conditions are 5m/s-12m/s, with a bit choppy waves.

Thanks in advance

28th September 2011, 06:41 PM
Take the Rio and a smaller board later.

Having a centreboard allows you to enjoy the light wind sailing much more. spending time on the water in light wind builds your balance and sail handling skill.

The Rio is still great fun in strong wind as well.

29th September 2011, 05:28 AM
Tony has it right, but alot will depend on the amount of wind you will be sailing in the most oten.
If < 10 knots, then the Rio for sure.
What is your weight.... what will determine which size Rio (S/M/L) will be the best.
The Carve 171 would be OK, if you have > 12 knots but < 18 knots most of the time.
You would be somwhat frustrated right at first with no centerboard, but after a short learning
curve, you should be able to master staying upwind on a board with no center fin/center board/
Hope this helps,

30th September 2011, 02:51 AM
Thanks a lot for your input. For some reason, this is not what I wanted to hear, but I guess I just have to admit that the Rio is the board for me.

I am 80kg, should I get the Rio S or Rio M?

Should I consider other starboards, if so; which ones?

30th September 2011, 05:45 AM
Why did you not want to hear about needing a centerboard or daggerboard.
For the conditions you describe, you need a longer board, with lots of "glide"
(i.e. not too wide) to get good performance.
If you learn to "rail" a Rio M, you can go upwind/stay upwind in very light conditions that would
be really slow and sloggy on a wider board or a board with no centerboard as you would have to
really rail the shortboard alot to go upwind and then it pushes lots of water making it even slower.
At 80 Kg, the Rio M would probably be better!