View Full Version : Blade 5.3 and mast recommendation

9th October 2011, 11:41 PM
I have 2011 Blade 5.3 and it doesn't feel like 2009 Blade 4.7. Well, different year and size, but I could plane almost the same wind with 4.7. I use 5.3 with blue line 430 mast and now I noticed that Severne have changed recommendation to 400 mast (sail bag says 430). My weight is 73kg and I want to use it for light days.
I haven't try it with 400 mast yet, but could it work better for me?


1st November 2011, 10:31 AM
from an average been round the block sailor - yes, use the 400 mast. i am same weight and since the mid 90's when i learnt the benfits of softer mast for my weight i have always gone that way when opportunity allows. i use 2011 blades (inc 5.3 with a 400 mast) and love them (had 2005 blades prior). I didn't notice any negative when upgrading sails. The 2011's still had the characteristic stable blade feel of knowing where the power is in the sail no matter how overpowered you get but just a better crisper feel overall. a tip on getting the wind range right is vary the downhaul/outhaul settings to find the right feel for you because with the blade you can rig totally wrong and it still feels very stable making you think its rigged correct but you have a narrower optimum operating wind range. i hope that all makes sense :) .