View Full Version : Mauiultrafins in Quad IQ

11th October 2011, 04:24 AM
Hi team,

From time to time i have spin-outs with my regular Quad IQ fins. I would like to try the mauiultrafins as i hear everyone being very positive on them.

So whats the best option on sizes?

Lets use the following data:
- Rider 80kg
- Board: 82l 2011
- Sails from 5.3-4.2
- Side and On Shore
- Northsea
- Current fins 13 and 11 cm. (side shore setup with 13 cm fins in the back position)

mauiultrafins has a lot of sizes:
8-9-10-11.5-12.5-13.5-14.5-15.5-16.5 etc.

Im gonne test the board also in twin setup with 2x16.5 cm x-wave fins in most front position.

For quad setup im not sure:
1) 11.5 + 13.5 (0.5 cm longer then standard Quad IQ fins)
2) 10 + 13,5
3) 9 or 10 + 14,5
4) ????

So could the team help me with the right fin setups? Im sure im not the only one with these fins in this board.

Best regards