View Full Version : isonic 101 or 111 next to a 133?

yves dudli
14th March 2007, 12:52 AM
I am 52 yrs, 72 kgs, 180cm, and compete on Swiss lakes, lake garda, Estonia/tallinn, usually in 12-20kts winds. Last year on an isonic 135 which I liked a lot (exept that it did not balance too well on a np rs6 9.8m sail, fin too small?). Despite 85cm max allowed now for slalom racing I will order a new 133 for lighter air racing as the 145 is too wide. For occasional higher wind races, but still gusty conditions, I am unsure between the 101 or 111 as second board. Likely sails 6.5-7.5m2 sizes. I also have a 2005 s type 104 which needs over 15knts of wind to even get planing on a 7.5m2. While not directly comparable I am concerned that the 101 is not so good in gusty winds and the 111 would be better, but is it too close to the 133 and do racers take 3 sizes apart (i.e.101 and then 133) and not only one?
On another question re formula, since I am a lightweight is the new 161 harder to control than the 160 I currently use in higher winds?
Whats your advice? thanks, Yves

14th March 2007, 04:01 AM
Hi Yves,

The new iSonic 133 is more easy with 10m², now this size is perfect on this board. By the way the rules is still 80cm wide, this will change only for 2008.

With your 6,5 and 7,5, this 2 sails are really perfect for the iSonic 101. Personaly I do the same choice 133, 101 & 87.

Really perfect to jump from the iSonic 133 with 9m² to the 101 with 7,5m².

For your F161, wich fins are you using in stronger winds?

All the best