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30th October 2011, 10:33 AM
I rigged for the first today a 2006 11.9 North formula sail on a 2005 550 North platinum mast. At least I think the mast is 2005, it's a all black carbon.

It took an amazing amount of downhaul. I don't know if my extension can take it. Anybody know what year the Norths stopped needing extra downhaul tension? Will my older mast work with a newer North 12.0?

btw, does north have a forum ??

mark h
30th October 2011, 09:20 PM
Yeah the 06 took a lot sweat to get set right. The down haul became a lot easier with the F2009 and newer. Im now using a Mr Winch downhaul tool on the Warps and they are super easy any really accurate for getting it mm perfect. I would guess that your older 550 mast will work fine on the newer 12m, every one told me that my 5-year old Platinums would not be 100% correct on the new warps and that I should shell out on new ones. They work very well and I keep my old Platinums till they break:)

mark h
30th October 2011, 09:21 PM
Oh, if your extension does snap, grab an MTX from NP, super strong and they line up perfect for the Mr Winch downhaul tool:)

31st October 2011, 10:11 AM
Thanks for the tips, Mark. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with us base extension, so can't get the nice crank from Rik's. Those f2006 warps are monsters. Those five cams are very stable. I'm getting some leech flutter in the gusts, but the draft stays rock solid.

What do you think about the f2010, with only seven battens and three cams? Are they really stable enough? I notice that in your signature you're listing f2005 for your 10 and 11. Did you not like the newer norths?

mark h
31st October 2011, 07:30 PM
Don't worry about the 7 battens/4-cams, this just makes them feel lighter. The newer F2009/F2010/F2011 are definetly more stable and less physical to use than the older F2005/6/7/8 for sure. I keep't hold of my old F2005 10m and 11m because I only use them for sea breezes fun, I don't mind replacing my speed and slalom kit on a regular basis but to be changing my Formula kit on a regular basis would really hurt my back pocket. My 11m is nearly dead so I will have to get a new one real soon, I am tempted to try the Ram F12 11m as its about 50 less and slightly thicker gauge material so should last me a bit longer than a F2012 Warp:)

1st November 2011, 06:06 PM
You can get a Ultimate Rig Winch from here http://www.roho.co.uk/acatalog/Easy_Rigs.html that works with both North Pin and US mast bases

1st November 2011, 10:53 PM
veldig interessant, takk

mark h
2nd November 2011, 12:56 AM
velkomstmeldingen :)

2nd November 2011, 01:43 AM
mark h and "unregistered"
If you wish to continue your little discussion, please do so in english!

mark h
2nd November 2011, 04:39 AM
Roger, 5 words is hardly a discussion. Just being friendly to our Norwegian SB friends:)

He said: Very interesting, thanks.

I said: Your welcome.

2nd November 2011, 07:37 AM
mark h,
OK, I'll let it slide, but I've seen it and deleted it about 8 or 10 times already on all sorts
of threads.
Not sure if this fellow is sincerely interested, or some sort of spammer who says "very interesting,
thanks" to everything just to see their name or something.
Sorry to interfere, but it's what I do for SB these days.

mark h
2nd November 2011, 08:10 AM
No problem Roger:) I originally just figured it was the guy who started the post, but maybe not? :)

2nd November 2011, 05:12 PM
i understood and donut speak norwegian :D
and inglish not so very vell either :):)