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14th March 2007, 07:38 PM
This is a answear to Menzzo who wrote this on the forum:
Posted on 12-03-2007 13:06 Quote
Be careful to follow that last bit of advice! The New StarBoard F161 was designed following the specifications and requests of Antoine Albeau - Its a board that works perfectly for him. Now Albeau for want of a more flattering description is what they call a big bugger. Tall, big built, and heavier than your average.

What people have found is that the F161 is much harder to pin down in slightly heavier winds than the F160. Albeau is able to do this because of sheer size and weight but if you do not match that physicality you will struggle to keep the board on the water when the wind comes up. If you are 90+ kilos and over 6 foot, I am sure its faster than anything out there.

Like Rene Vila said, the SB 161 works well for any sailors weight.
I am a light weight sailor (73kg and 1.78m) and was impressed with the SB 161 in all kinds of wind. At the midwinters, the first day, we had winds gusting up to 30 knots, and the 161 was incredible easy to sail, I had no problem with the board flying. I usually use a smaller fin on those winds, but since I only had a 70, I used it and it felt great. I had been 3 months with out sailing formula and that did not matter with the 161, as it was so easy to sail. On the strongest wind race, I was on 9.8 and finished 3rd behind mika and antoene. If you look at the results, in the mid winters, 1,2,3,5,6 all SB with different sailors weight, 1st antoene heavy, I think close to 100kg, 2nd Jesper around 82 kg, 3rd Mika 90 kg, 5th Wilhelm 73kg, 6th Fabio 88kg. So you can see that you have all wight range. I agree that the heavy sailors have a advantage in strong winds, but with the 161, I believe the difference is much less than the 160 or any other board. I really found the 161 easy to hold on strong winds.
Best regards,
Wilhelm Schurmann
BRA 999

15th March 2007, 04:50 PM
I will have to bow to those with actual experience - but I know in the UK there are a number of lightweight sailors who already got rid of the F161 to go back to the F160 for reasons I mentioned

15th March 2007, 05:43 PM
Hi Guys! My friends and me are using the F161. We are from 72kg/168cm up to 93/184cm (me). The F161 is easy to surf in all wind conditions but sensible what fin you are using like always in Formula, nothing new! If your fins are too much forward raked and maybe soft you will get in troubles when th boardnose lifts up. The same is on the sail trim. Take a harmless fin in stronger wind and find the correct trim of your sail (more downhall is not always adviseable).
Have joy in 30kn downwind! peter.:o

15th March 2007, 07:16 PM
Mezza30 wrote:
I will have to bow to those with actual experience - but I know in the UK there are a number of lightweight sailors who already got rid of the F161 to go back to the F160 for reasons I mentioned

How heavy are the people you are referring to?

16th March 2007, 03:55 PM
Hello all,

So, according to what you said, would it be Ok to use a R13 medium rake + 8cm for stronger winds (Remi Vila's suggestion)?

I am 74 Kg and I use a 161. I already have a R19 soft-- 8 cm and I would like to get a fin for +15 knots. I also have a Dynafoil 68 cm M-, but I have not had a chance to use it yet.

Thanks for your suggestions.


16th March 2007, 06:59 PM
Hi Wilhelm,

What 70 cm fin exactly you have used in Midwinter when wind was up to 30 knots? As i remember from your previous posts in the past you liked r13 68 cm fin in strong winds.
And one more question:whats your favorite fin with 161 in light wind?

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19th March 2007, 07:52 AM
Hi Mantas,
In the mid winters I used a R13 S-- for light winds and a R13 S. for strong winds. I broke my R13 68 in the end of last year and so far haven't got another one.
The two fins I mentioned are the only ones I tried and they felt realy good.
When I get a chance to test some different fins I will let you know.
Best regards,

19th March 2007, 06:56 PM
I have tested the F161 with a R19 and I feel this fin give too much power for my 75kg
For me I think the R13 is the good compromise

Wilhelm, what is the rake for your R13 S-- ? +6 or +8

20th March 2007, 06:17 AM

22nd March 2007, 12:59 AM
I have just upgraded from the 158 to 161 and my impressions are as follows (i weight 78kgs and i'm 6"1):

Initially i found the 161 much more difficult to control than the 158 (with 70cm r13s+8). This was using similar mast track settings to the 158 (ie quite far back)

However, having moved the mast track all the way forward it is much easier to control. I was out on my 9.8 in 20-25 knots with the stock 70fin (70cm r19s+8) and it felt very good. I was surprised that with the mast track so far forward it didn't feel sluggish in the lulls. It felt fast and pointed high.

Does anyone know what settings people are using for mast track?

12th August 2007, 08:35 PM
Hi Wilhelm,
first congratulation for your good resoults this seasons. It is very imresive how you can be as fast as heavier guys.
Do you still using same fins as you stated in this topic or do find evan some beter fin choise. Your expirience is great help for us lighter competitors. Please also mention the rake of your best choise fins.
Do you use biger sail from 10,7?

Thanks and Good luck in next races.

13th August 2007, 06:29 PM

16th August 2007, 08:06 PM
Hi racer,
I have been using 11.8 and 10.7 mostly, However, I tend to use the 11.8 from 7-12 max, after that I will go for the 10.7
About fins, I've been using deboichet and Kashy. On the Kashy I use %4 and on the deboichet rake 8.
regards and thanks,

17th August 2007, 01:42 PM
In the last 5 years I have had several Formula boards (mostly starboard). I like to measure my mastfoot setting by the distance between mastfoot and most forward finbolt. Last 4 years I had my best settings between 1.14cm and 1.16 cm.

I think that the triangle between center of gravity in the sail, the fin and the mastfoot is determinating the balance. For me the distance seems similar the last 5 years on 6 different boards. For me this works, if you like you can give it a go also.

Happy sailing.