View Full Version : wich of the isonics range are majic this year q for ian fox

14th March 2007, 11:13 PM
Hoi ian,

all the isonics are great, but wich in the range are really a couple of magic ones this year.



Ian Fox
15th March 2007, 05:05 AM
Hej Erik,

Here are my personal votes for 2007 iSonic Dream Quiver

iS87 : new benchmarks for speed/control/ease/range around this size.
iS101 : universal slalom size, massive range and easy, free ride, jibe.
iS122 : all big slalom board attributes, but rides/goes/turns like it isn't.

As you say, they are all great, and the differences are very marginal, but some do tend to stand out more than others (obviously some personal size/style/conditions/experience factors tilt that a little bit).

However, what is really interesting is that if you can survey (and average) a lot of riders, even different rider sizes/styles etc, then some numbers always float towards the top.
I leave you to work out which..

And an important counterpoint : It's by no means to suggest the others (94, 111 for example) are NOT good, far from that... in their right conditions, they also have their magic days....in fact, you will see the 94 just chosen in France as Editor's choice..and no doubt if a rider has 101/111/122 range to cover with only one board, then 111 is still the better universal choice...

The differences between the "magic" levels are subtle, but as the focus on slalom and speed products re-emerges and slalom market customers become (on average) more experienced, more precise and more fickle with their choice and tuning etc - and the products in the market all get pretty good- then these subtle differences also rate.

Cheers ~ Ian

(OK, I leave out the iS50 because I think we're discussing slalom ;) )