View Full Version : carve122 2006 d-ram or 121 2005 wood?

15th March 2007, 06:28 PM

i'am looking for this board (i am 84 kg and i will use two sail on this board: 7.5 Severne and 5.7 loft)

i have found two board in excellent status at the same price i could buy the carve 122 2006 D-ram version or the carve 121 2005 wood version

What do yuo suggest?
There is someone who know the differences?




16th March 2007, 04:27 AM
You can compare both boards in the SB archives to see the specific differences and specs of both boards. further more, if you are wondering between wood and dram differences, i can tell you what i've read and concluded so far: there is basicly only difference in shape and weight. You can repare dram easier then woods but otherwise the difference is to be neglected.
From what i conclude of reading the website the 2006 is the better choise because it is easier to handle and will go faster. You'll have to wait for other posters to get a final answer though.

cheers mate,

16th March 2007, 02:26 PM

I'd get the more modern shape and its 1 more year of development.

As for weight: if you read board specs on Starboard's present and old catalogues, you will see that differences between D-RAM and Wood can be very limited and in some cases the difference on a given board model is well within manufacturing tolerances (meaning the lightest D-RAM samples can be lighter that the heaviest Wood ones). This to me means that weight is not an issue in your kind of choice when compared to others such as strenght and ease to repair; expecially talking about a freeride board.
In my opinion and from my limited experience (I own a D-RAM Evo and a Wood Sonic, and owned two D-RAM HS) probably the main difference on the water would be in that peculiar nice "damped stiffness" feel of wood boards; but again nothing too much important on a freeride board.