View Full Version : Best all-around sail for a Carve 171

2nd December 2011, 06:15 AM
I have a 2011 Carve 171 that I sail with two different sails; a worldsails 5.6 (over 15 kts of breeze) and a worldsails 6.7 (under 15 kts of breeze). Both sails are at least 8 years old but in really good shape. I have noticed that I have a hard time getting on a plane compared to other sailors in the same area as me, despite much rig tuning (by me and others)

I am 200 lbs, sail in most wind conditions (heavier air now, light in the summer), live in northeast USA. I am a new sailor, but proficient in harness use, beach starts, occasional water starts, blasting (no straps yet!)

Does anyone have a good recommendation for an all purpose sail with a good low end? I plan on investing in one or two, but want to be able to plane in light air if possible.


2nd December 2011, 07:05 AM
i am a heavyweight of 220 lbs and live just north of you - in Montreal :-)

my big short board is a 160 liter AHD - not far from yours
my favourite sail is a Maui Sails MS-2 8-oh which has two(2) cams
i use it on this shortboard AND on my Fanatic CAT longboard
it is GREAT in winds of 20 to 40 kph or around 16 knots average

i have also used a race sail - Maui Sails TR-4 10-oh on the shortboard.
since i got the CAT, i prefer this board in winds under 15 knots
it too goes great with the 8-oh and 10-oh
both of these sails are cambered sails and i like that
NOT everyone does !!!

for heavyweights in light winds i have found these items help the most
1) bigger boards + perhaps longboard
2) bigger sails
3) cambered sails - helps through lulls too ...
4) fins to match the sails

remember to purchase mast that goes with your new sails ...SDM for heavyweights

sorry - will stop there - i can go forever on these subjects