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15th December 2011, 02:51 AM
On Facebook there's a group of 300 fans of this type of boards.

When somebody sells one on the internet it is sold the very same day.

I saw that Starboard proposes a huge number of different stand up paddles, someting like 50 models.

Instead of proposing a 51th SUP, could'nt it be a good idea to take the historically most renowned design of Open Division II class, probably the Lechner A390, and to ask the original designer for permission to build some again for these fans ? no development cost, board reputation already done

I would personaly buy such Lechner revival edition, as these boards were indeed very pleasant and interesting in light to medium winds, they allowed friendly Sunday amateur regattas, and nostalgia would come in

15th December 2011, 05:11 AM
yes, the pendulum has started to swing back !!
as evidenced by the new SUPs and older longboards n raceboards

have you seen the new Exocet RX D2 ??
there is also the SB Phantom 377 with batwings - raceboard
even AHD seems to be coming out with a Tactik "good for 0 to 15 knots"

personally prefer the older raceboards - having purchased a 1990's Fanatic Ultra CAT
too bad that project did not revive in 2006 !!

if you consider the BIC Dufour Wing a DIV II perhaps i can sell you mine ?? :)

17th December 2011, 01:08 AM
hi Joe,

yes I am using a longboard again, as a very good complement to funboards, I use a Phantom 320 and am very happy with it

Dufour Wing ... lol I did the French youth championship on this as a monotype in ... err ... 1983

aloha to Canada

5th September 2012, 11:32 AM
yes, the pendulum has started to swing back !!
...a DIV II perhaps i can sell you mine ?? :)

What DIV2 do you have?
I hear DIV2 quite often and can see the french web pages about it and it looks ver yinteresting, but I can not find something in West-Germany.