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21st March 2007, 03:35 AM
Hy everybody

For having the earliest planning (ideally 6-7 knods), is it possible to use a freerace sail with a 75% mast? I plan to use the formula board under 12 knods more or less (for now).
Has anyone tried a freerace sail on a SB '05-'06 with low winds?

I'd like to make the right choice


21st March 2007, 11:19 AM
Hi Windlover,
To have "the earliest planing" perhaps the new Apollo with a 9.5 m2+
Free Race type sail would be the best combination, but the '05 Formula 159 and the '06 Formula 160 would be good choices as well, but they are not as free ride oriented as the Apollo.
Planing in 6-7 knots really takes the right combination of gear.
I've used Sailworks Retros and Severne Gators on the F-159/160/161 and they get going very early.
A Free Race sail is probably the best type of rig to get "the earliest planing" as they are a little lighter and less complicated and are easier to tune than the big Formula Race sails.
A 75% mast is definitely less expensive, but when you get into the longer, stiffer 490/520 cm or larger masts, the additional weight of the lower carbon content can sure be noticed.
For larger sails, I think the 90-100% carbon masts are really better due to the weight difference.
Hope this helps,

21st March 2007, 04:39 PM
Hi Windlover,

I think your best option is Formula Experience. In this class they use the F 160 tufskin with Overdrive 7,5 ; 8,5 ; 10 and 11m², depend of their weight and age and they plane realy early.

The new Overdrive works perfectly with the 75 % carbone mast and give for the price excellent results, very close to the full carbone mast and expensive sails, particulary in light winds.

Sails under 3 cams and 7 battens will not give you go performance in light wind and the balance also will really not good.

All the best

22nd March 2007, 01:43 AM
Roger, I'm sure that the Apollo is the best choice, but I'd start with old versions that are less expensive.

Thanks Remi, but for having the earliest planing I think (personal opinion) that less weight is better, this is why I prefer the wood version.

Comparing early planning and speed in low winds, freerace and race sails are equivalent?

22nd March 2007, 09:11 AM
Hi Windlover,

Just curious, what size sail would you like to acquire, and do you anticipate buying the correct size mast at the same time? Also, I think its wise to ask about your boom, as it's an important focal point in your decision tree. Are you going to go for a carbon boom? Going for the lightest construction formula, even if its a year or two old, kind of suggests that you'll get similar performance benefits from a stiffer carbon boom.

23rd March 2007, 12:13 AM
Hello SteveC,

the size sail I planned to buy is a 9.7 AC2 Point-7 (a new italian brand) with ITS mast. I&#39;d opt for the 75% because the 100% is compulsory for strong wind and I plan to use the formula only in light winds (<12kn). Morover is stronger and cheaper (I&#39;m a student). I can lose 0,5 kg rather than acquire a 100% :)

The boom...I know that it&#39;s very important, but I have no money, so for now I&#39;d buy an alluminium boom...for light winds it can be a valid alternative with 2 years warranty

23rd March 2007, 12:47 AM
Hi Windlover,

If really would like to have a good equipment for light wind at an afordable price, the Formula Experience equipment will perfect for you.

Just for your information last year at the Formula Youth World Championship, Formula Experience racer finish at some races first in front of racers on full Formula Windsurfing equipment, so their is a difference yes, but not big and for your budget that will really enough and perfect for you.

All the best

24th March 2007, 12:47 AM
Hi Windlover,

You know, Remi does bring up some very good points concerning the FE160, especially since you can probably buy a brand new board for similar price as a used formula board. Although a bit heavier, the FE160 would be more durable overall, and the design remains frozen until December 2008. Despite the slight weight penalty, these other pluses tend to elevate the value of the choice overall. If slalom was your goal, there would no question about wanting the lightest top of the line pro level construction. However, with formula type sailing, I believe that there are so many other important factors that come into play that affect performance. Overall, it&#39;s tough to say that the lightest weight would be a silver bullet here.

It&#39;s not clear whether you intend to race at all, but with the sail, mast and boom choices you&#39;re targeting, you would be right in there for racing FE. Something interesting to think about.

Regarding your sail choice, I have to admit that the AC1 sail highlighted in an earlier thread here was a very attractive looking sail. I was quite impressed with its striking graphic design, and I offered my thoughts at the time. Being curious about the AC2, I tried checking out their website, but unfortunately, I had some trouble doing so. Seems that there is some software incompatibility going on. Yet, if the AC2 is as good looking as the AC1, you&#39;ll have a real winner on the beach.

26th March 2007, 04:03 AM
First, thanks for the reply, you&#39;re the only two...

Now I&#39;m going to think about the FE160.

Regarding the AC1 and 2, the AC1 is beautiful, but the AC2 has a normal design, nothing special... but it&#39;s not important for me, I prefer performances ;)
Races could come later with better equipments.

Thanks a lot!

26th March 2007, 04:38 PM
Hello Windlover,

I know AC2 in 7.7 size and isnt a normal sail at all. It is very powerfull, moderate sleeve, deep profile sail. Stronge construction. So nice. I use it with iS 122.

I use FE160 board + Severne Overdrive 10m. It is amazing combo! Very durable sail, easy to rig, easy to trim, very powerfull and cambers rotate so well.

You should value your boom options. A 10m rig will work bad if your boom is bad, even using CodeRed/AC1/RS SL etc.

I was use a weak/cheap boom and change to stronger/xpensive one that improove my rig a lot.

A modern freerace (2-3 cambers) sail have a big performance and more durability than pure race sail.

Good luck,


26th March 2007, 11:19 PM
Paco, I&#39;m happy for your feeling with the ac2, I&#39;ll enjoy it too!

I haven&#39;t money for a carbon boom and maybe this sail will be a temporary sail because if I like the formula I&#39;ll buy a bigger one! For now I want only to enjoy the formula the next week-ends with only light winds (<10knods)

Thanks !