View Full Version : Which isonic for 95kgs? 122 or 133?

30th March 2007, 03:40 PM

I'm a heavyweight looking for a big slalom board. I'm not interested in big lightwind/formula boards but having owned and enjoyed a Fanatic Falcon 120 I'm very interested in the medium/largeish sizes in the isonic range for my bigger board.

My question is, what are the heavyweights experiences with the 122 versus the 133 matched with an 8 metre as a biggest sail? Which board would be happiest with an 8m and what sort of low end performance could I get out of each one with good pumping skills? Also, would I be gaining little in low end performance with the 133 using an 8metre as my biggest sail?

I know I could go bigger but I want to keep my equipment down to a minimum. I would probably pair this board with a 101 for smaller sail sizes.