View Full Version : Remi one for you.... Raceboard vs Ultrasonic

27th January 2012, 10:43 AM
Hello Remi...

thinking about something for light wind fun down here in Sydney. and wanted your thoughts

Been at this game for a while and started with a Fanatic Cat a long time ago! 20+ yers later I'm still an adict wiht a garage full of starboard kit (acid 77 all time fave!)

Anyway... Ultra sonic with 9.5 vs the big phantom with 9.5

Looking to use from a puff to 7.5m on the Futura 95

Whats you thoughts on fun in the light stuff, planning threshold, and holding on and control when it gets up.

Wont be racing!

Thanks for your thoughts.

27th January 2012, 11:06 PM
Hi Cam,

It's difficult to compare them due to the fact it's totally different style. Personally I take more fun on the Race Board but it's just because I like a lot this kind of boards with it's very big wind range.

If you want the ultimate planning board to have fun, the UltraSonic 147 will a serious option with 9.5.

Anyway you will have fun with both in your case, just choose your style.

hope it's help

All the best