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16th February 2012, 05:03 PM
i want to buy a starboard formula 167 wide. for this board i need fine, but the problem is i donīt know which one and when I ordered it takes about 3 months until it arrives? can you advice one by deboichet ore other? I currently own an R13+8 soft and a R17+6 medium. would they fit well what i have? I weigh 92 kg and ride lot up to 30 knots with my old formula 160liter ( 2006) and i have al lot of experiece whit formulas.
Thank you in advance for an answer :)

Chris (ROU1)

16th February 2012, 08:49 PM
Hi Chris, please see the thread about Formula 167 in the Ask the team section. Also about the fins for this board. I own a 167 wide. Ordered a Virus 70cm fin, in oktober 2011. Received it within 3 weeks. Very happy with the performance. Actually I ruined the first fin on some rocks / stone blocks so had to cut it down to 67,5 cm. Which really still works well in high winds. Ordered a new Virus 70 cm fin, same story: quick and good delivery, excellent fin. See the mentioned thread for the email adress of Virus fins. I have no experience yet with other fins in this board. I surf in formula competition, 96 kg and experienced.

17th February 2012, 12:49 AM
Hi Chris,

I confirm all the comments from NED136, this fin is really excellent for this board and also inexpensive.

Please you can contact them here : Michał Aftowicz <virusfins@gmail.com>

Z Fins also are very good ones that you can order direct on their web site.

Please you can contact them here : Michał Aftowicz <virusfins@gmail.com>

All the best