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17th February 2012, 06:59 AM
Hi Team, what are your thoughts on the biggest usuable sail for an Ultrasonic 147.

I want the best early planning potential but also a managable sail that I can use.

I don't race and weigh 88kg. I currently have a 2010 11m Overdrive which I don't really like as it gets easily overpowered in the gusts.

So my thoughts are a 9.5 Overdrive or a 10.7m Reflex? I know Remi liked the 9.7m Overdrive on this board,

Granted the Reflex will give me earlier planning and a bigger wind range but on the downside it would be more technical to rig and heavier.

I currently have an Enigma 530 which is a compatible mast but obviously not the recomended mast for the Reflex.

Please let me have your thoughts on what you would do, money being no object.


18th February 2012, 02:24 PM
Hi Martin,

Not the team but where are you based in the UK? I have a 9.5m KA Koncept you can try which would be a perfect sail for your Ultra Sonic 147. I used to use it on my iSonic 144 when i owned one before selling it last year and the Koncepts feel alot lighter than a full on race sail but still hold their shape when the wind is up and i have used my 9.5m in 25 knots with no problems on my Raceboard and it also worked great in up to around 16-18 knots on my slalom board

18th February 2012, 06:23 PM
Hi Martin,

Your question was also my biggest concern with the US 147.
Like you I weigh +/- 88kg.
I use a 10.9m2 Gunsails Mega XR as largest sail.
It works excellent.
I understand you very well when you say that you find a freerace sail like the Overdrive sometimes overpowered in the gusts. I had the same problem even with my old 9.5m2 gunsails Booster freeracer on my former Formula 161.
When I purchased my 10.9 Mega XR full blood race sail, I started realizing what these sails can do.
They remain stable in gusts and are much longer controllable. I've told this story already several times on this forum. I can recommend every intermediate/advanced windsurfer to use full race sails. They make life much easier and only have 1 disadvantage, i.e. they are heavier to carry to the water. Once you're sailing, they only have advantages according to me.

Because the US147 felt so light under my feet, I was also worried in the beginning how it would handle such a heavier Full race sail, but I was very impressed. It handles it perfectly ! Even a 12m2 would be possible according to me. But what you also need with this kind of bigger sails is a bigger fin. I find the standard 58 fin not powerful enough. I've recently purchased a deboichet 64, which should be good, I hope. I couldn't try it yet.

Personally, I think the 10.7 reflex will be very good,

19th February 2012, 02:38 AM
Hi Martin,

If you want the max performances in planning on the US147, you have already the mast, go for the Reflex III 10.7 but prepare your self also to go to a bigger fin who give lift as much as possible. This board don't like stiff fins all the way.

Have Fun

19th February 2012, 01:38 PM
Thanks gents for your comments, I have just ordered a 10.7 Reflex III.

Remi, what size fin do you recommend for the 10.7 then? I already own a Drake Race 62cm, will this be good for this size sail? If not can someone of my weight please recomend a make and size that would be more appropriate.

Thanks, Martin

19th February 2012, 10:43 PM
Hi Martin

The new Drake Race 62 Ready to Race will be perfect.

All the best

20th February 2012, 04:56 PM
Hi ive been reading this thread with interest. when you try your new sail with US147 and 62 fin let us know what its like please, it'll save me asking the same question.
Oh and how little wind needed to plane in the straps comfortably.
Thanks Eric

20th February 2012, 05:40 PM
Hi Eric,

I start planing from 8 knots.

Take also a look at this thread: http://www.star-board.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13384

20th February 2012, 05:42 PM
Hi Eric,

I start planing from 8 knots.

Take also a look at this thread: http://www.star-board.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13384

20th February 2012, 05:42 PM
Ok Eric will do, I expect it to be a few months before I finally gets my hands on it.

I used the 11m overdrive with the 62 for a brief time and when you are really powered up the board railed up slightly so maybe a 60 or even a softer 62 might be the order of the day for my weight.

Can anyone recomend a good change down sail size from the 10.7, I have an 8.6m Turbo which is fab!

20th February 2012, 08:49 PM
Should be good.
I go down from 10.9 to 8.8.
These are the only sails that I use on the US147.
The 8.8 works fine with the standard 58 fin.

20th February 2012, 09:05 PM
Cool, thanks Belskorpio saves me shelling out for yet more sails.

The 58 is ok for normal sailing with the 8.6m but I do find it too big when slighty overpowered, going to try a 56 when the weather warms a little here......

21st February 2012, 03:55 PM
Yes, I understand.

For me when I'm getting overpowered with the 8.8, I use the same sail on my IS122 and a 48 fin.
Also a super combination.