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24th February 2012, 01:42 AM
Hello Gang,
I come from a Formula WS background mostly so I know I tend to have a very heavy back foot. Recently I bought a 2011 iSonic 117 75cm as my single slalom board I live in Miami and we are not know for very strong winds. We sail slalom from 15+ kts conditions. I am a heavier rider 190-200lbs (88-93Kg) and currently I use a 8.3m2 Sail with a crappy old curtis that I had tumbling around my VAN. I know is not nearly the ideal fin as it spins out quite often and it does not drive upwind at all (leaving me at times having to do the infamous walk of shame) still a pretty fast fin going downwind but that is the extent of it.. now to the question. I read a lot that the board should not go above 46cm but I would like to hear if anybody had other experiences. I was leaning towards a Tectonics F8 Tomcat 46cm but they stop making those fins and now they only have Talons which I hear they are faster but to get the same upwind performance you need a bigger size. I have checked some other fin makers but custom fins are very pricey now days so I am trying to do a good research before spending my hard earned dollars.. has anyone used a F4Fins D2 on the iSonic 117 ? if so how did they perform ? they do have a very attractive price for carbon fins. All experiences are welcome

Thanks all

24th February 2012, 04:56 PM
How much are the f4 slalom fins? I couldn't find the price on their website.

24th February 2012, 07:49 PM
First let me say that I have a Tabou Manta 115 which is 75cm wide not an Isonic, so you can take or leave my comments. I am lighter than you at 74kg and sail San Francisco Bay but I think my findings might be helpful, since the boards are almost identical in size.

I have been struggling to find the right fin for the board. I tried a standard 44cm Talon, it was great if I was very powered off the wind. When it was lite, which is was most of the time otherwise I would be on a 100 liter, it did not work for me with either an 7.6 or 8.5. So I got a 46cm Tomcat (yes Dennis will still make them) much better in the lite wind screams upwind which the Talon would not do, planes much quicker but drags off the wind. Recently I found out Dennis mills the Talons in several different foils thickness to cord ratios, the 9% standard which is very thin, 9.5% and 10%. I talked to him just this week about milling me a 9.5% Talon 44cm which will have a thicker foil so it should plane up faster and provide more power without sacrificing that slippery feeling off the wind the Talon is known for. I like the 46cm Tomcat for the really lite wind more likely in Florida than SF, but for powered sailing I think the modified Talon will work better for the top end of the board range. So talk to Dennis, for the price and consistent quality I don't think you can beat Techtonics.

Cheers, Tim

25th February 2012, 11:04 AM
I have used F4 fins in my iSonic 117 from which used to be the iSonic 121.
The D2 is a great fin when power up they are easy to control and no sping outs. I have tested all sizes and rakes in this fins thru the last 3 years. I think these fins are underrated by the consumer here. They are faster, more slippery and good quality. I have never broken one of the F4 fins and I have used them in all of my boards including my formula boards. But the slalom D2 is one of my favorite fins when the conditions are power up. Just buy a size up Example in the case of a 44cm buy then a 45cm.
I can also recommend Vector fins specially the Canefire in carbon. This fins are among the best and many PWA riders used them. This are the fins I mostly use and Jeff the owner always can help in the selectionby the experience of his team riders.

9th March 2012, 05:20 PM
how much does isonic 107 carbon costs???

16th March 2012, 07:35 PM
Hey guys.. thank you for all the replies... so here what happened. By luck I got a pair of Hurricane Fins SS2 Medium Stiffness (46cm,48cm) from a Buddy here in Miami very cheap. Buying both I was given a nice discount and it was still cheaper than getting a deboichet or a Canefire in carbon. Since them, I have tried them with my 8.3 and 9.0 sails and the 46cm seems to be the magic number for the board it goes upwind very well, no spinouts and very fast when off wind.. 48cm holds more foot pressure and trails upwind deeper but very draggy when off wind. no changes in early planing on the bigger one..I haven't yet tested the 48 in very light winds but will probably do this sunday..so if anyone has the chance to give them a try.. do it.. very good...