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17th March 2012, 06:52 PM
Hi there,
Recently, I moved to an area with lots of lakes... I still have my 111 Futura and a 97 Tabou 3S for my windsurfing pleasure, but I really want to get out there with a SUP whether it's windy or not. I would use the SUP for flatwater paddling (good morning or after work exercise, or weekend cruising), light-wind freestyle training with a sail, occassional wave-paddling/sailing, or have my wife use it as a beginner board.

Should I go with a SUPer or another model SUP? For length, I was thinking of in the 10-ft range, considering storage/carrying practicality as well as maneuverability.

I'd very much appreciate any advice as I am new to SUPs, as I believe it will be a great addition to my water toys given that I live right next to water.


6th April 2012, 04:41 PM
hi hazim,

not too many thigs to add to your choose... the "brief" what you give is covered by the SUPer 10 the best. the 12 and the12'6 would better for flat water paddeling, but all the rest of the advantages on the 10.

the 6,5 SUPer sail would be a nice partner for the light wind freestyle - if you dont want to kill your monofilm sail. the "all in one bag" need very small place. (and its very affordable)


7th April 2012, 05:54 AM
In very light breezes I course race the super 12'6" and 6.5m super sail. Nearly as good as a WOD.