View Full Version : Mast for North WARP F2010 9.0

15th May 2012, 02:19 PM
I am upgrading to F2010 North WARPs, North recommend a Platinum 520 on the 9.0 WARP F2010, given that the Luff is 525, would a 490 work, or will the mast be too soft.

Anyone in the UK have a 7.0 F2010 WARP for sale?

mark h
15th May 2012, 08:48 PM
It will work for you, but It will set very flat with a 490. Some women slalom races will use a 490 (but lighter women would normally go for a 7.8 or 8.6 as biggest). To get the best out of the 9m F2010, go with a platinum 520. But the 490 will give you 75% of its intended performance:)

peter n-m
15th May 2012, 11:15 PM
It probably depends on your weight. My son (almost 70 kg) got a Warp 9.0 2010 with the recommended Platinum 520 mast, but he found the rig a little unforgiving and soon realised that he performed better with a NP X6 490 mast in the sail (the board was a Tabou Manta 85). He then got rid of the Platinum 520 mast and bought a Platinum 490 (2011 model) instead and have been very happy with this combination.

Just to make it a bit more complicated: When measured the Platinum 490 2011 model mast turned out to be surprisingly soft and surprisingly "far from flex top" compared to most other Platinum masts. For example, I've just bought a Platinum 490 2012 mast, and that one turned out to be a little stiffer overall and have a more "Neil Pryde like" bend curve.

North Sails seems to favour comparable long and stiff masts in their performance sails these days. Ok, they have relatively long luffs, but in a tests of a 2012 Warp 7.8 and a 2012 Ram 7.8 in the French Planchemag magazine theses sails were the only ones with 490 masts, the other brands used 460 masts. The magazine found the sails had very good performance - but perhaps not the easiest sails to sail. And in a test in the German "surf" magazine the test report simply concluded that the tested 2012 North Sails S Type 8.4 didn't function with the recommended 490 cm mast: "Der - auf der Webseite als erster Wahl empfohlene - 490er-Mast ist zu lang, zu hart, zu dick."


Matt Spooner
16th May 2012, 08:08 AM
I was told by a friend that the 8.0 WARP 2010 sets far better on the 460 than 490, since the 490 is too stiff (it is recommended by North to use either 460 or 490 mast) - However, North only seem to recommend the 520 for the 9.0

The problem I have is that the 9.0 will be my biggest sail and it is a pain having a mast that can just be used with one sail. Would I be right in assuming that the 9.0 would take more wind with the softer mast?

peter n-m
16th May 2012, 11:40 AM
Hi Matt,

Maybe it's put too simple, but perhaps you can say that while the bend curve of a mast tells something about HOW it behaves loaded (for instance a gust), the stiffness of a mast tells something about WHEN (under which load) it starts behaving according to its bend curve.

Given that the sail/mast combination is properly designed this means that a softer mast "breathe" or dump the power sooner in a gust than a stiffer mast. A heavier and stronger sailor with a relatively soft mast shall probably feel that he could handle more power in a gust, while a lighter sailor with a relatively stiff mast shall probably feel overpowered. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

As to the Warp 8.0 2010 and masts: I sail a Warp 8.0 2009, and I (well 80 kg) much prefer it rigged with a Platinum 460 + "Xtender compared to a Platinum 490 mast.

As to the Warp 9.0 2010: The specifications written on the sail say 524 +/-1 cm in luff length, but the sail my son have doesn't have a luff length much over 520 cm.


20th May 2012, 12:31 PM

big different in feeling between the 490 and 520. with 520 you will have better lowend, the board get into the plan much earlier/easier. but the top speed not really good. the 490 start to plan in few knots stronger wind only, but very fast and confortable in overpower - but i think you would be faster with a smaller sail in that condition.

so if you need your 9,0 for the lightest wind early planning sail, take the 520. to be fast 490.