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3rd April 2007, 06:37 PM
Hi Team,

in march i bought the isonic 125 (2006) and last saturday und sunday I tried it out for the first time. Results:

1. I tried the isonic in really choppy water, so it was difficult to get into the straps when the board began gliding. The acceleration was really impressive. When I wasn't able to find the straps during the first three to five seconds it was really hard to get into the footstraps because there was to much pressure on both feet.
What is your opinion: Which footstrap should be used first, the strap nearest to the base or the other?

2. I used a 8,1 m2 race Sail from Gun Sails (an older one - the M8). I really had problems to accelerate to maximum speed, because the pressure on the back-footstrap was getting bigger and bigger and ended up with heavy spinouts (I tried both fins). I tried every trim-constelation with sail: longer/shorter leashes; higher/lower boom etc. I changed to an 6,5 sail and the board was much better to handle and I had equal pressure on feet.
What is your opinion: What is the best strategy to avoid those spinouts?

3. Does anyone had similiar problems?

Thanks for your help,

3rd April 2007, 07:18 PM
I'm not sure if this information transfers perfectly. I have an iSonic 105 (not 125). I find that if I am not fully powered up on my 105 and push the board upwind, I get spin out. Once the sail is completely powered up though, I rarely experience spin out. This usually happens when I put my 8.0 Retro on my iSonic. I see this as more a poor decision on my part -- to use the iS105 instead of my larger slalom board.

How powered up was the 8.1? I would think that size sail is in the sweet spot for the 125, but I don't have any experience with it to know if it is a good design for the iSonic line.

When you are getting on a plane, do you bear off the wind a bit and get up some speed before putting a lot of pressure on the fin?