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27th May 2012, 08:36 AM

After my really great experience with US147, I very much like to add an isonic to my boards. The question is, which one is best. So far, our material is :

US 147 for NP 9,2 H2 and Hellcat 7,7

Futura 122 for Hellcat 7,7 and 6,2

RRD FSWave 101 for Firefly 6,5 and Combat 5,6

As the futura would be used by my family,the isonic would be an additional board ideally for the use with the hellcat 7,7 and maybe with an additional camber sail in the 6,5 range.
I don't like to sail much overpowered, so my wind range for the isonic would be 12-20 kn (which is the window where I use my futura today).

I am 80 kg, advanced, with room for improvement in my jibes.

Will be happy for some advice whether the 117 or the 107 would be the best choice for me.

Regards, rdrsurf

27th May 2012, 09:09 AM
Definitely the 107, 6.5 is too small for the 117, and 7.7 is the sweet spot for the 107.

Chris Pressler
30th May 2012, 05:15 PM
Hi Rdrsurf,
go for the iSonic 107. The board has a perfect windrange. You will like the board with 7,8, but works excellent with smaller and bigger sizes. Get a fin with 38 to 40 cm.

117 wide works excellent with 8,6 and 9,2, fine with 7,8, but is a bit wide for smaller sized sails.