View Full Version : Foot Strap Positioning SType 126

3rd April 2007, 10:28 PM
I've got an 06 S-Type 126 and am struggling with getting into the back straps.

I want to use the most outboard settings but am finding the back straps very challenging to get into as i've size 12 feet which tend to be in the water whilst trying to get them into the straps!
Once in, they are all ok - but getting in seems a major hurdle!
I've not had the issue on previous boards - the straps were not as outboard.
(i am using the supplied starboard straps)

Is it ok to use the front straps in their outboard position and the back straps in the inboard location?

What's the likely impact on performance &/or stance?
Or is it better to move the front ones inboard to match?

Thoughts appreciated