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18th June 2012, 06:01 PM
I have a kode 103 2011 and a ncx 6.5 as biggest sail on this board. Does the board work ok with a 7.0 ncx or gator? fin 33 cm intead of 30?

"marginal" wind performance/gain?


24th June 2012, 04:38 PM
team? anyone?

Ian Fox
25th June 2012, 01:10 AM

Funny in windsurfing how so often a simple "one liner" question
can't really correctly be answered in a simple one liner..

Simple one liner: Yeah it works OK!

Other factors not included in simple one liner..

You will definitely get some moderate performance gain on the Kode103 in marginal conditions by upsizing sail to 7.0 and fin to 33cm. What you want and how you intend to use it (Intended ride style?? freemove vs semi "slalom" ) is also a factor (103 decked out with larger sail/s+fins tends to more freeride and less "wave/move" mode, you get the idea..); Do you really want to set the Kode up for outboard straps /freeride? ... or does the inboard freemove/wave setting (albeit a bit compromised for marginal) actually ring your bells a bit more allround?? (valid options both ways !)

How much and how "worthwhile" the "upsize" gains will also influenced a little by some other variables like rider weight (sail wise you're getting to the upper end of the sweetspot range and the closer you get to the end larger of the sail range, the less "comfortable" (balanced) bigger sails will be are earlier for heavier riders (extra rider weight takes away reserve buoyancy from combo etc) - ie : many bigger riders might consider that 6.5m is about the larger end of the sweetspot, whilst lighter riders may happily go on to 7 or 7.5m (noting too that the gruntier the sail model/tuning vs sail size can also make about 0.5m difference in this discussion as well....ie NCX might "feel" a bit bigger for the given m2)

Fins ; in that combo you will definitely dig out some more bottom end on a 33 than stock 30 (given the bigger fin of same family/power vs size) ratio, however fin "style" as well as rider weight and ride style starts to come back into the discussion as really big /powerful riders smashing chop mercilessly on a powerful vertical 33cm fin in a US box might not be the best recipe for longest life and happiness..

Busy week, I guess you got lucky and scored both the long and short of it!

Cheers ~ Ian

26th June 2012, 08:12 AM
Thanks a lot Ian!

My weight is 85 kg and most of the sailing in 6.5 conditions is 95% blasting, I never do any new school freestyle, and wave conditions is a pretty far drive away.
2 straps in the rear seems to fit this sailing better.

Maybe I should just buy a 33 cm fin and se how it works? Maybe that is a right choice even with my 6.5 because of my weight?

Is the gator more bottom end oriented? I see that gator 7.0 uses 430 sdm(I dont have a 460 for a ncx 7.0)


Ian Fox
29th June 2012, 11:34 AM

Definitely try the fin upgrade first, you have nothing to lose going that way (one step at a time) because even if you were to end up going to the 7.0m as well, you would definitely want the extra fin (and benefit from the better trim bottom end) . 103 fin I'm using is Black Project FreeWave 30, it's a very "big" (relatively powerful vs cm size) 30, so I would suggest 32 as biggest (same time noting you will most likely get more than just 2cm difference in performance rather than simply mechanical size). For big/ger riders blasting hard on a standard US box, generally not getting too ambitious with fin size is a wise move for long life and happiness..

On the sails if you're mainly blasting, the NCX has a crisper, racier feel (it's a more powerful cut and full mono, the correct mast sets it pretty deep and powerful although this can be flattened out a bit for a more top end/speed combo by the use of an RDM instead ..). Gator 7.0 is full Xply and has a softer, more forgiving feel about it...it's not exactly "ungrunty" especially if you rig/tune it for light conditions, but the same time I wouldn't rate in "more" grunty than a neatly tuned NCX which also has a great "tunable" range for digging both top and bottom end out of the one sail/size.

You can get away with the 7.0, the board won't sink or fail miserably, it's more that the closer any tune/trim comes to the edge of a sweetspot range, the less the % gains (usually) gained by throwing extra sail or fin into it...Law of diminishing returns working again ;)

Cheers ~ Ian

4th July 2012, 10:39 PM
I have experience with this set up as I use it a lot here lately.
For sure you need to get a 33cm fin for the 7.0m sail. My set up here varies from a non cam 6.5 with the 103 to a 2 can 6.5 with the 103 in both instances I use the 33 slalom wave fin(free ride).
I fell the board comes to life with the two back straps in the 6.5 cam sail and when I want to due some bump and jump I use only one strap in the back with either the 6.5 non cam and a 6.0 no cam.
I like it also when you put the mast track 1cm in front of the recommended setting it gives the board a well balance ride with not much bouncing in the nose.
I am 78kg

13th July 2012, 10:50 PM
Thanks again

No problem 33 cm in the us box?

how is this one:

compared to the standard fin coming with the board (2011)?

Any other suggestion to get a real difference in performance(more power)?

My retailor has drake and maui ultrafin

26th July 2012, 09:17 PM
I use VEctor fins.

28th July 2012, 07:54 AM
What do you think about blade 6.2/ 6.7 regarding power compared to the ncx 6.5? Same power? Wind range?